New Breastplates


Warlords Crusade Armory, formerly known as Warlords Crusade Leather Armory.
(Blacksmith work as well as Scale-mail incorporated into some of my Leather Armor)

Crafted a few new breastplates/armor pieces.
Also, for next month or So I will be taking custom orders. In most cases the lead time will be August/September for completion****. I can make nearly anything you can imagine, seen in a comic, TV or movies.

New Breastplates/contact info here:

My website is listed below, but honestly it is so out of date, so best to contact me first as it is missing so much.

Miss you all very much, will be trying to attend some events later this year.

Toddy/ Ithica

Edit 6/17: Commission Cue /Work Load filled up fast. Will still be willing to take some orders on custom work, but lead time is probably pushed to Nov/Dec for completion. I say that only as a disclaimer, I will do my best to have orders done with a few months. Of coarse bracers, pouchs, pauldrons, belts and already made suits of armor are always for sale, contact for information.
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