New feedback and downtime forms


Seattle Staff
New downtime and feedback forms!
Hey everybody, we have new feedback and downtime forms!

The new feedback form is here:

You can submit your feedback for the event here, even if you already did! Your feedback will be counted either way. You can even use this feedback form to give us feedback about the form (How meta is that?). You will get the standard Goblin Stamp award whichever way you submit your feedback, but please use the new form if you are able, even if you already sent your feedback. (If you don't that's ok! We know it's new!)

The downtime form is here:

This downtime form includes options for two downtime adventures. The adventures are:

Paw Patrol:
Assist a team of Bounty Hunters and combat engineers to lay traps for afflicted lycanthropes under the control of General Askulund.

Science of Sleep:
Join a strike force of Ordo Salamander and Chimera Knights to rescue the Stradysh citizens still in the grips of Teskarius' mental trap.

You can pick either one of these adventures or one of the other downtime actions available to you. Please submit your downtimes by April 7th. Downtime responses will be sent the weekend of May 4th, a week before the next event.