PASS New Hampshire Rules Proposal: Allow for live events to utilize the most recent 2.1 beta packet until new timeline is set or 6/1/23


Atlanta Staff
New Hampshire temporary rules proposal
Seconded by Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming, Chicago

Summary: This vote will reinstate the chapters ability to utilize the most current 2.1 ruleset through 6/1/23 unless the 2.1 update process is voted to end or adopted wholly before this time. While running 2.1 events as non-standard events chapters must/may
  1. Transition to one or more future 2.1 playtest revisions if they occur. The most likely source of this is a new "release candidate" packet produced by ARC following votes from the Playtest feedback.
  2. Transition to the final 2.1 ruleset along with all other chapters on the agreed-upon final cutover date.
  3. Take all possible steps to ease character transfers between their chapter and other chapters that may, or may not, being running 2.1 tests.
  4. Continue to follow Treasure Policy as best as possible during the transition period.
  5. Continue to collect and submit feedback from players that they feel should be communicated to other Owners and ARC.
  6. Chapters may individually choose whether or not to track Player Deaths during this period if they continue running 2.1.
  7. Chapters may individually choose whether or not to allow characters homed in their chapters to be Spirit Forged between each 2.1 event.

Vote: Allow for 2.1 events to continue with conditions above [Pass]
The following chapters voted for this policy: Crossroads, Chicago, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Las Vegas, Roanoke
The following chapters voted against this policy: Raleigh
The following chapters abtained from this vote: Atlanta

Synopsis of conversations: The conversations regarding this vote centered around the timing of the vote to re-establish the 2.1 process. It was widely seconded and was taken to vote quickly. The conversations on this vote and the new playtest timing window were also tied up in the original reinstatement vote for 2.1, and share the same sentiments other then specific timing windows.


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