New in town


Hi, everyone!

Last weekend was my first time ever going on an adventure! I made so many nice friends and even though it was really scary I can't wait to do it again! I heard you all were having a gathering this coming weekend and I decided not to wait and jump right back into it, before my bravery runs out.

Anyway...none of my friends could travel all this way with me so I'm gonna be kinda a lonely bunny. If anyone wants to help keep an eye on an aspiring Celestial caster, I wouldn't mind. But I don't need a bunny-sitter! No matter what Kalith says...

Also if you like archery, you should come talk to me. I may have something you're interested in!

Hello Crescent,

I am Aramis Seablade the head of the Merchants of Fairfax. While I will not be at this next gathering I would be more the willing to offer the aid of the Company in serving to watch you back while you you are in town. Please seek out Sam Gemclipper or Sheriff Drago. Also I am one interested in hearing more about archery as I am one of the main archers.
Oh, thank you! That's very kind of you.

I can make a point to talk to your friends about my archery-related thing this weekend. The Company, you say? I shall be sure to seek them out!

Tell me, vhere did you travel too? No wait, don't. Zhat vould spoil an in person story!

Welcome Crescent!

While not able to do much to defend you- I would be more than happy to help anyway I can!

I am easy to find... look for the woman is a fancy dress and coronet!

Safe travels to Wayside!

Yours In Service,

Lady IronRose of Storm's Rose
Special Envoy of King Grimlock to Dragonreach
Founder of Forgotten Hope

"My Life For Theirs"
"Defending the Dealings of Time and Space"