New (ish?) Player

Hey folks! I look forward to joining you all in May, but I want to make sure I am adequately prepared. I played a few events with SoMi several years ago but otherwise I am new to the game.

I don't remember if I started blanketing a blank character sheet back then or not. Who should I talk to to find out?

Assuming I didn't, how many build points do new characters start with? Do you offer back blanketing? If so, what is the limit?

I am sure I will think of other things along the way. Until then, I look forward to seeing you all in May!




If you played at SoMI you can find out about your character from their logistics person, or contact Rob D ( and he can find out for you.

New characters start with 15 build, but you can back-blanket 3 months for 33 starting build.

Looking forward to having you join us!

--Carly Baehr


did....did you play a Wylderkin by chance? (Possibly scavenger back then ^.^)


Dang now I really wish I was able to drag Lightning along, would have made for the perfect introduction, ah well I'm sure you will be meeting Enan at the one-day coming up at the very least.