New Lion In Town

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Aezir walked into Calenhelm and tried to get his bearings. Having heard that if he wanted to continue his Earth Magic training in the area he had to sign on with the Earth Weavers. Aezir figured the first stop he must make was the Earth Weavers Enclave. He strolled into the front hall, up to the front desk, and said "Greetings My name is Aezir Yukimura, and I am here to sign up with the guild so I can continue my learning. Who must I speak with to do this?"
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The old woman behind the desk turns and looks at the large lion sarr carefully, then pulls a very large old book out from under the counter. After a few minutes of flipping though pages and finding a quill and ink and a small piece of parchment, she clears her throat, "What is your name and where do you hail from?" After the lion's response, she takes down the information and goes flipping through the book again. "Ah, yes, here it is! I will make a note of your arrival in Calenhelm. Take this to Keeper Stephen, down that hall, two doors down for a room assignment and information about the guild hall; classes, workshop schedules, meal times and such. Welcome to the city, young one!" She hands the sarr the piece of parchment, which on closer inspection has the name of his Keeper from back home and an assessment of his abilities.
Thanking the old woman Aezir continued down the hall to Keeper Stephen's room. Not sure what to expect from Stephen he braced himself and knocked on the door a bit harder then he planned on.
"Enter!" is called clearly from the other side of the door. Upon opening it, it can be seen the room inside is what looks like a large office, with several people working at tables, moving books around, and many other tasks. It's organized chaos, but seems to work for the occupants. The same voice calls to you from the nearest desk, "paper please." On handing it to the man with glasses and slightly graying hair, he reads it over quickly.

"Welcome, we have been expecting you." He hands you some larger papers. "There is a room ready for you on the second floor, here," he indicates on a hand-drawn map that resembles the building you are currently standing inside. "You also have a class schedule should you wish to attend any session currently offered, as well as the names of those to talk to should you wish to use a workshop during your stay in the city. Meals are served in the dining hall, here," he points to a large room on the map, "the times are posted in various places throughout the enclave. Ask any wearing the guild badge should you need assistance. And lastly, the third floor houses the Master's rooms and council chamber. None are allowed up there unless summoned by a Master. Should you need to speak to a Master, send a request through the receptionist. Any questions?"
Aezir thinks for a second then says "Just two things. Does this mean I am a member of the Paladins of the Earth Circle now? And two if you don't mind is there a place in town I can go out for some food? As I haven't been here before and would like to look around a bit after I put my stuff in my room."
"For now, you are an Aspirant. Once you are ready to gain your second rank, a Master will asses you. At that time you will choose your circle. If you feel you are already ready to choose your circle, you can request an early assessment by sending a message through the receptionist."

"As for places in town, there are several taverns and ale houses that our members enjoy, but I would recommend the Ogre's Head. Anything else?"

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"Thank you. I have a bit more training to do before I feel I will be ready for the Second Rank. Thank you for all your help, but I still haven't eaten anything since arriving to town, so I will be heading to the Ogre's Head I believe I saw it on my trek here. Once again Thank you." Aezir says before dropping off his pack in his room, heading out of the Enclave and to Ogre's Head.

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