New Merchant ID system!



We at the Alt Plot of Alliance LARP Utah have wanted to implement more items into game, with that, we've successfully incorporated "Production Tags" into your treasure policy, and starting this next event, we will be implementing another resource:


Each of these small gems (both cut and uncut) will be incorporated into game with a small series of letters and numbers carved into them. This will show that said gem is an OFFICIAL treasure policy of Alliance LARP Utah.

For those of your CHARACTERS with the MERCHANT skill, you will be able to identify the worth of these gemstones with a simple process revealed to you. I will be doing this shortly after Opening Ceremonies this event, but if you would like that information ahead of time, feel free to contact me here or on FB with a DM.

We hope to provide you with more immersive experiences to make the game more enjoyable for all.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.