New NPC, Ship Jumping and Cleanup Policies (RETIRED)

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Lanna Rose

All players who NPC will receive a standard 300 gobbies and 2 Magic Item picks.

Rock Star NPCs
The Owner, GM and CS will nominate 1 NPC each (up to 3 NPCs) per event for the Rock Star reward. The NPCs nominated for this must be a full time NPC for the weekend, take initiative with roles and help out above and beyond the norm. This NPC will receive double the rewards for NPCing. This will stack with the next part.

Multiple NPC events
If a player NPCs multiple events in a row they will receive a multiplier for their awards.
1 event is a x1 multiplier (normal rates)
2 events in a row receives x1.5 (450 gobbies and 3 MI picks)
3 events in a row receives x2 multiplier (600 gobbies and 4 MI picks) (Max multiplier)

Gas for Gobbies
If a player NPCs a full weekend all players in the car that they traveled in will receive a 3:1 ratio for the gas purchased to bring the NPC to the event. A receipt MUST be supplied to GM. Receipt must be dated no more than 2 days prior to the event. Up to 3 receipts will be accepted for long distance travelers.
(Other forms of travel will be handled on a one by one basis by the GM and CS together. Receipts must be presented.)

Jumping Ship
Players will have the chance to sign up for a shift of NPCing for each event. Players that sign up for a shift prior to entering game will receive the following rewards for each 4 hour shift they NPC.
-100 Gobbies, 1 MI pick and one bonus loot bag equaling 1 Gold.

If you NPC during High Need Hours you will receive the following rewards.
-150 Gobbies, 1.5 MI picks and a bonus loot bag equaling 1 gold and 5 silver.

Heavy make up PCs (that are required racially to wear heavy makeup) will receive the following bonuses.
-An extra 50 Gobbies and an extra 5 silver to their bonus loot bag.

~~Please be aware of when you signed up to NPC. A member of staff or NPC will come out to inform you of when your shift has started if you lose track of time. You will have a 20 minute window before some one comes out to get you.

Team Ship jumping
Teams that sign up to NPC for 4 or more hours will receive a module at the next event they attend. Please inform staff when the next event your team will be attending will be. Your module is not guaranteed to effect the weekend plot.

Clean Up

*(you need to sign up on the "clean-up sheet" in monster camp to get credit for assisting)

As always you will receive 60 gobbies for cleaning up your cabin.

If you put in 30 minutes of site cleanup in you will receive 90 Gobbies.
If you put in 1 hours of site clean up you will receive 180 gobbies and 1 MI pick.

Bathroom clean up will provide 2 people with 180 gobbies and 1 MI pick. This will only be awarded if the Bathroom is spotless.

Kitchen/Tavern clean up will award 3 people (other than kitchen staff) with 180 gobbies and 1 MI pick. This will only be awarded if the Kitchen/Tavern is spotless.
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