new postings on the wall

*this message appears on the commons posting area in the tavern but can also be found in the coming days on trees and signposts in the more outlying areas of the greater Crocevia area*

To the Faire and Free Folk of Crocevia Fatuae,

This is a message of hope put forth to you in the hopes of uniting ourselves in a cause of common defense and goodwill.

As always, we once again find ourselves living in troubled times, and fear is threatening to rob us of our peace and happiness. Suspicions work to make us fear and do unjustices to our neighbors whom we should count friends and staunch allies. I say unto you, this need not be!

Community works because it draws upon the strengths of the many to counter the weaknesses in us all. Honest farmers and tradesmen cannot hope to face the rigors of perpetual combat against fell magics and foul beasts not found in nature. Not without risking the very real possibility of leaving their families greatly lessened should they fall. None of you should have to!

There are those of us who live now among you who have dedicated our lives to such pursuits so that those farmers and tradesmen can raise their families and feed the community in a greater peace. I put forth to you now: allow us to contribute what we have to offer to this community so that you may continue to contribute the very necessary skills that you have dedicated your lives to and make us all just a little bit richer.

Some of us will be coming to your homes and places of business in the very near future so that you may know that there are real faces and real hearts behind these strong words ready to help all keep the faith in community. Know that your voices will be heard and your concerns made our own.

If you have pressing concerns that need voicing immediately, seek us out at the Earth Guild or nearby tavern building, the smithy owned by Ambassador Kauss Hammerstein, or leave word at the guardhouse in the Ducal Guard's base with Lt. Johnathan Lancaster. All of those who work or reside in these places know whom should be contacted for any given situation, and share our concerns.

Solomon Maxondaerth
Lt. Johnathan Lancaster