New To Alliance? START HERE!

So you want to join the world of Alliance Live Action Role Playing, and you're not sure where to go from here?
You are not the first to venture into this realm unarmed with any knowledge on how the game works, or how to even begin playing. This forum contains all the information you could possibly need to start your journey.

We do suggest reading the Alliance rule book (found here: but we know that can be an overwhelming amount of information so we have taken new player information and placed it on the New Player Forum. Feel free to explore all of the forums and interact with our player base. Don't forget to ask questions for clarification.

A simple to do list when first starting:
1. Locate your home chapter. You can do so here:
2. Review your chapter's calendar, so you know when their upcoming events are.
3. Introduce yourself to your chapter! Use the forums, or maybe they have a Facebook page! This can help break the ice, and also give you a resource for having questions about the specific chapter answered.
4. Decide whether you want to PC or NPC. More information on this in the New Player forum.
5. Most chapters have pre-registration processes, so they know to expect you at the event. Find out what your chapter's pre-registration process is, and register for the game!
6. Once you've decided what event you're going to attend, you should make sure that you have what you need. Check out our What to Bring thread in the New Player Information section
7. If you're PC'ing, there is some great information about weapon construction, assembling garb, and much more on the New Player Information section as well. Make sure to check that out too.
8. Ask if you have any questions. There are so many players ready to welcome you to the game and help you out! Never be afraid to ask even the simplest of questions. Many people come to Alliance not even knowing what LARP stands for. We accept everyone.
8. Now that you're pre-registered, and you have your stuff ready for event, get ready to have a great game! Have fun!