New Traveler


Greetings members of the Earth Guild. Though I have technically been to Barran once before, I am looking to make this my new home. Are you currently accepting members into the guild? I am an earth Templar able to cast 4 life spells from memory, and the ability to cast 1 rebirth from memory. I am also in need of a full earth spellbook, which i'd be glad to purchase or work off the cost performing guild tasks or some other arrangement.

Thanks for your time


I believe we have met knce before, no?

Your name comes with the highest of commendations by Grovewarden Rayna. She speaks well of you and your service to Arandin; I would be honored to welcome one of such selflessness and dedication to the Order.
I shall have to offer you a practical and written exam in order to for ally extend membership. There are others in need of testing, so you shall not be alone.
I will see to the provision of a spellbook.

Seek me out upon your arrival. We shall speak more then.
In service,

Matriarch Vær'lux of Lordaq
Matriarch of Clan Vidua
Acting Head of the Order of the Earth
Rayna has spoke to me about you. My name is Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw. I am usually the only Shahbanu in town, I can bring you to V if you find me first.
I shall look for the two of you upon my arrival.