New Winter campaign: Haven

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Welcome to the new winter campaign: Haven

This is a low level Campaign where we are encouraging all players to come in with the lowest level character as possible, but with a cap of level 8 with 85 xp/build used to create your character.

This campaign takes place on a completely new shard from the other Calgary game and any other chapter. We will not be allowing in any LCO items or Restricted items that are not made within the campaign itself. This is so that everyone is on the same playing field no matter if you are a brand new player or one that has been playing for years.

The land that this campaign is taking place in is recovering from a clatismic event. When this event took place it created chaos in its wake. Those that survived banded together with those who helped them through the conflict. These bands turned into tribes. People who are from here will trust the members of their tribe much more than they would someone of the same race from a different tribe. We ask that everyone making a character for this campaign read up on the tribes of this land and choose the one that you wish to be apart of. Once you do so please contact plot and we will send you out more information about that tribe. Each tribe has different makeup/ costume requirements on top of those needed to rep your race. We also ask that you read up on the world history.

What we do want is your backstory. Tell us who you are and what your goals are. What do you do in your tribe? We want to work as much of you into the story that we can. For that please read up on the Tribes that have taken over the land. This will act as your LCO race packs. Once you decide what tribe you feel like your character is from, let us know by emailing us at and we will send you the full pack. Please be sure in what you decide as the information in these packs are things that only members of the tribe will know. To cut down on potential meta gaming you will only receive one pack. For your race requirements you should look towards the nation race packs. You will need to rep what is required by both your race and your chosen tribe.

This is great and all but I really want to just play my summer PC
Are you sure? Like really sure? Knowing that you will have to build down your character to the max of 85? With none of your fun magic items? Honestly I think that you will have more fun coming in with as fresh as a character as possible, but we thought of you folks who just want to do what you want to do. The rules do allow for you to build down your character and we won't stop you. Mist walking is also a thing that is permitted and this land is not mist locked. We even came up with a fun plot idea to let you do so and have it still kinda make sense. If you wish to go down this path please email us at and we will go over what this entails with you.

Will I be able to move the character that I am building to summer plot?
Yes. We do ask that you don’t however unless your summer PC happens to permanently die. We do have two seasons of plot roughed out and It won't really make too much sense for you to be bouncing back and forth. If your summer PC dies we suggest making a new winter character to replace the one that will be moving to summer.

Neither of these options sound good, put me in monster camp.
Okay! We will be glad to take you. We have a bunch of different rolls planned and would look forward to having you there. Please let us know ASAP by either emailing us at if you want to be a wonderful NPC for the season.

If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know asap so we can quickly address them!


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Just to clarify, you are not limited by your race to what tribe you can be from. Pick the one that will suit the RP that you wish to play, you just might be outnumbered race wise when you go home.
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