News from da Western Front


I can’t speak fur da oter Captains/Knights dat may have seen da oter Champions from Toainia but did what I saw. Troops is happy right now cus lots of da land is ours again. Tings was lookin good till da Tonians sent four champions wit da powers of dare Guardians. Da one I was told to take care of was called Da Bulwark. Baron Morlash sended a company of soldiers to attack da forces. Most of da company was lost. I talked to da soldiers who return and day tells me at first da fight was going well, da normal forces were quickly dealt wit leaving the Bulwark to stand alone. Dis however was a problem. When da Erabellans swarmed him he lashed out wit Eviscerate after Eviscerate and was able to Elementally heal himself All da times. Some of the Lieutenants tried to fight him in smaller combat but he was able to remain resolute, healing after taking blows that would knock him down.

What Inwould like to know is dare a way to keep him from healing himself I know dat sometimes I be fighting some things and I feel icky do we have a ways to make himself not feel good without using da Icky magics?

Also Did anybodys have any run ins wit da oter champions?

Sir Captain Bruisey “Crunch” Foemangler
Knight of Baron Morelash of the Western Duchey


Colonel Elisaie assigned me to scout the Guardian Empowered Champion called the Sojourner.
Upon initial investigation they were not in the area the intelligence suggested. I turned back preparing to make the return journey with this information only to see a few of my fellow scouts drop dead and the faint outline of Hoblings fading to the magic of rifting.
I rushed back to the encampment, but it was already in a state of alarm. The sentries reported that a group of Hoblings was able to rift into the encampment and begin the battle.
The whole camp regrouped at the main command center and eye witness reports stated that the Sojourner was able to rift at will and bring allies with them. The other major issue seemed to be that the veterans were unable to injure the Sojourner, only when a recruit landed a blow did it seem to affect them.

Footman Axalion
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Thats great reconnaissance you two. I spent the last month improving morale and spreading the victory last market to all who would hear it—commoner and noble alike.

Let us end this conflict and move on with an actual era of peace and growth.

Knight Captain Cassandra Malvern