News from the Front, August 20, 6E



News from the front

The latest on the war for Wyndael
August 15, 20, 6E

Vikkin Stratos Named Regent

After the disappearance of His Imperial Eminence, Emperor Ernst Stratos, The Assembly of Houses has announced that His great uncle, Vikkin Stratos, will serve as regent. The Assembly has announced that the Regency would last until such time as Emperor Ernst is located or His daughter, the twelve year old Venna Stratos, comes of age.

His Regency’s appointment has been celebrated across the Empire, though some do express concerns. An especially old Getragen, some fear that much of the social progress the Empire has made in recent years would face reverse in trends as Vikkin is seen as quite traditional.

“There is a concern among many that he could seek to reverse Emperor Ernst’s groundbreaking decree outlawing slavery,” said one figure from House Heinlein.

Others, however, are quite pleased with Vikkin’s appointment. “It’s time to get the Empire back to the awesome and overwhelming power within the Maelstrom,” said one House Stratos official. “All these situations like Newhome and Wyndael need to be dealt with decisively and firmly. No disrespect to his Imperial Eminence, but Regent Vikkin has the experience to get it done.”

The Regent has not yet made an official announcement, but a ball to celebrate his position was held in Wokenstadt with many prominent people of all houses in attendance.

Investigation into Emperor’s Disappearance Continues

Almost immediately after convening when Emperor Ernst vanished the Assembly of Houses appointed a High Inquisitor, a veteran investigator named Carlow, to lead the investigation. Launching a probe in both the capital as well as Wyndael, Carlow interviewed dozens upon dozens of witnesses and those working for her interviewed probably hundreds more.

The Emperor and his entire entourage vanished in late May and in spite of the belongings of several of Talon Company being found, thus indicating resurrections, no resurrections have been reported. The clothing of the Emperor and his valet have not been found, indicating they may have been captured.

The results of the investigation are a state secret and are not being released, but sources indicate that Carlow is closing in on the culprits and that their just punishment shall be at hand soon.

It is now known that one of the Talon Company present for the alleged kidnapping of the Empire was present, a Gryphon named Offizer Jennis Kevol, was found and is currently recovering.

Trolls Build Cauldron

On June 30 General Argus Stratos, Governor of Wyndael, announced to the adventurers in that province that he had intelligence from among their number that the Trolls were constructing a cauldron in the Troll Camp that House Sterne had failed to take in late May. The 2nd Legion also had attempted to retake the camp, but the trolls had reinforced and 2nd Legion forces led by Senior Kommander Seph Bandoris were beaten back.

General Stratos reported that the trolls had begun building primitive structures in the camp and were digging in further. He ordered Lady Elizabeth Keenan, leader of House Sterne’s efforts in Wyndael, to marshal the adventurers and take the camp and claim control or intelligence of any cauldrons. The General advised that, as before, he would observe House Sterne’s performance.

In short order, Lady Keenan had rallied the adventurers and marched them to troll camp. Though the trolls had erected entrenchments, making the conflict a literal uphill battle, Lady Keenan led the Imperial forces to victory. A search of the camp, however, revealed no sign of any cauldrons. Still, the removal of a troll presence so close to Stormbreak Keep was a victory. General Stratos ordered the camp burned to the ground.

Over the course of the next two days reports indicated trolls moving or attempting to gather a number of odd materials, including large amounts of Limestone, Volcanic Rock and skulls from various graveyards. A Selunari adventurer named Faruq stated that he’d been in Berghalten in recent weeks attempting to study the history of Troll Cauldrons and he said that based on what was being gathered the Trolls were almost certainly attempting to construct one.

Several deliveries of the materials were intercepted by adventurers, and notes were found on many of them referring to a troll shaman called Tu’Throk, who seemed to be leading the effort to construct the cauldron. Many were not sure if the intercepted supplies would prevent a cauldron from being built, or simply weaken the enhancements the trolls would receive when it was complete, but in either case denying them to the trolls was just tactical sense.

On Sunday, reconnaissance performed by Barilise indicated one of four possible locations where the trolls seemed to be massing and were probable sites for a Cauldron. General Stratos ordered Lady Keenan and Magnate Ryatt to gather their house guards and take the field to draw off most of the Troll numbers, while the adventurers were to divide up into squads to investigate and report back.

Cabinet Member Oxalis who had been named as Magnate Ryatt’s liaison for military matters, and Greyson McAllister, Lady Keenan’s first Cabinet Member among the adventurers, separated the adventurers into squads to investigate the locations. Luck was with the adventurers, however, as the first location investigated held the Cauldron. Unfortunately as the group, led by Greyson, arrived Tu’Throk was finishing his ritual and a new troll emperor was birthed from the cauldron. He commanded Tu’Throk to wipe the party out and Greyson ordered a fighting retreat back to Stormbreak Keep. They had barely arrived before the trolls, led personally by Tu’Throk, attacked the keep. Many of the trolls had been strengthened by the Cauldron and were exhibiting new powers and abilities.

General Stratos, sickened from heat exhaustion from fighting trolls all day long, ordered Oxalis of Wyndael to take command of the defense and the boar-kin marshaled the adventurers into lines to defend the keep. The fight was challenging and at one point many adventurers were felled and eaten by trolls and General Stratos himself was held in a Prison while Tu’Throk sought reagents to perform a Banish ritual upon him. Fortunately the adventurers rallied and pushed back, slaying the attacking trolls, forcing Tu’Throk to retreat and securing Life spells for those slain so that there were no resurrections.

“This is a victory,” General Stratos was heard to declare to the assembled adventurers. “It is true the trolls have formed their cauldron, but now we know where their source of power is, and we can focus all our efforts upon it.”

“For Wyndael! For the Empire!” He concluded, a sentiment heartily echoed by the assembled adventurers.

Unfortunately, the forces of House Sterne and House Heinlein did not fare as well. The house guards fought quite well and, bolstered by Flame Blades from the wizards of House Sterne, they were cutting through the trolls like a scythe through wheat. Unfortunately the new troll emperor arrived on the scene and many of the trolls previously positioned along the front rushed the area to attack the magnates’ forces. The fight began to take a turn for the worse and most of the forces began to fall or be pushed back.

Magnate Ryatt and Lady Keenan and the bulk of their forces were able to take refuge in an ancient structure known as the Weicht-Vig Tower and set up rudimentary defences which allowed them to hold off the trolls. The monsters set up a siege, trapping the nobles within the tower. General Stratos attempted to free up cohorts from patrols and the squads searching for the location for the cauldron to aid them, but with the new front opened up by the completed cauldron he has not had sufficient troops to attempt to break the siege.

Reports indicate that General Stratos has requested another legion be dispatched to Wyndael to combat the increased troll threat. In addition Oxalis of Wyndael has put out an open request for any and all adventurers and warriors in the region to join him in an effort to break the siege and free the trapped magnates and the vast bulk of their forces.

Wylderkin Resistance Attacks Growing Violent

Recent attacks upon imperial citizens have been on the rise. Though in the past the so-called Wylderkin Resistance the resistance had limited their attacks to theft, vandalism or the occasional arson they are now actively attacking Imperial troops and citizens with the goal to injure and kill. Though the Wylderkin activist Dorent, who has been leading marches in House Heinlein territory to protest the Imperial annexation of Wyndael, has condemned such violence the bloody attacks have continued.

It is believed that the resistance is somehow getting orders from their jailed leader, Molain, whose transportation to the capital for trial was delayed by the military situation in Wyndael. Even still there are certainly some treasonous kin carrying out his orders and coordinating the attacks. A reward is being offered by the Governor’s Office for information as to the identities of those coordinating or participating on these cowardly and murderous attacks, particularly the leader of the so called “Blood for Blood” movement.

Crime and Punishment

To ensure an orderly society the Empire is duty bound to punish lawbreakers, and the rule of law reaches even to the frontier of Wyndael.

-A family of bear Wylderkin believed to be involved in the violent radical Blood for Blood movement were apprehended. They are currently undergoing interrogation to determine the extent of their involvement and any information they can provide on the ringleaders of the movement.

-A Moose Wylderkin named Sam Chester led a protest in the mess hall of Stormbreak Keep recently. The protesters seemed hostile, with Sam even getting into a shouting match with Cabinet Member Oxalis of House Heinlein. General Stratos was on the scene, but generously ordered those nearby to allow them to speak their mind. However when Sam began advocating the violent ideology of the Blood for Blood movement the General stepped in and ordered them to disperse immediately or face an arrest on charges of Disobedience. This caused Sam to physically attack General Stratos, who promptly struck him down and ordered his wounds bound. He then ordered the other protesters to disperse, which they did after a short time. Oxalis formally requested mercy for Sam. Accordingly, General Stratos declined to press Disobedience charges or Treason charges for striking a member of the Imperial Family. Sam was charged only with Battery upon a member of a Greater House and fined the minimum of 10 gold. Unable to secure the cost of the fine and unwilling to work it off with a limited period of indentured servitude, the convicted requested execution to clear his fines. As a mercy General Stratos had him rendered unconscious before the sentence was carried out and it was reported that Sam resurrected successfully.