Next Game


Asheville Staff
RE: Game 2 of the 2020 season: Normally around this time we would like to be writing here to announce a teaser or some manner or a fun new opportunity to engage with the community. Unfortunately this is one of those times where we instead have had to make a very hard decision regarding our upcoming scheduled game in the face of the Global Pandemic COVID-19.

First and foremost we view our community members’ health and safety as the most important thing within our chapter. Without all of you, there is no us. Secondarily we look at the financial impact this will have, and whom, and how it will affect those planning to join us over the weekend, both local members and travelers abroad. In the best case scenario we are able to host the whole weekend with little to no impact; in the worst, a member of our community, or one of their loved ones, ends up sick or injured due to the unseen nature of the virus. That is ultimately a risk we are not willing to take at this time. We hope that you will all bear with us while more information continues to come to light, and we honestly believe we have some great things in store for you all in the coming months after this concludes.

From the bottom of our collective hearts, we hope the best for you and yours, and we also hope you will understand what a hard decision this was as we know that this hobby is more than just some friends running around in the woods. It truly is an opportunity to step away from some of the pressing woes of the world for a little bit, and now more than ever, we could probably all use that just a little bit.
Nonetheless, at this time this is the only event that we plan to have an effect on, and we hope to see you all ready and excited to join us 6/26/20 for our summer blockbuster event! (Conditions Withstanding)
Thank you all again for everything you each individually, and all of you collectively, bring to the chapter. See you on our Discord, or in person again in June!