Who is messing with my head when I sleep?????


But no, I have no idea. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Zane, you are not diving into my head.

For the past few days, I have been having nightmares. Two nights ago, someone spoke to me while I slept. It is that person, who ever they are, that my original posting was intended for.

Seems to me like that person is unwilling to respond to this. No matter though, not responding will make the hunt more interesting.

If you require, I can put in a block into your mind. It may or may not prevent said voices, but it might. If a certain rumor I heard is true, then it probably won't help but will aid to confirm the rumor.
Alright alright wolf... it's not like nightmares are pretty much my primary skill set now. I'll fix you after you are crazy... er.

Or... we can all step into the dream realm and take the fight straight to them. Everyone likes that, right? :D

Order of the Emerald Flame
If you end up going to the Forests of Luminon (the Magisterium plane of dreams), I can provide some information. Perhaps assistance traveling there as well.

...Of course, this issue may be unrelated to the plane. But you never know, I suppose.