No Salt Like Sea Salt

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Volke walks through the camp with intent, trying to stick to where there was a minimal chance of being snuck up on. He was the sneaker, not the sneaked. There was a pressing matter at hand, one that was not solving itself anytime soon. It was evident that wasn’t being solved by how easy it was to find his target.

“So, Dyne, I see you’d rather put your misguided trust in the flesh eaters who’ll betray you rather than put your misguided trust in someone who’s looking out for himself and you in the process.“ after brief pause, and a chuckle, Volke says, “And, that’s only 35 more times I’m gonna take you over the coals about that betrayal. It’s just damn funny.”

Volke retrieves one of his throwing knives, a subconsciously starts flipping it around, as a way to pass the time, but also to be ready in case anything were to come and attack.

“I’ll give you props for trying, but wiping some paint off of your face ain’t gonna stave off your harem. You carry yourself the same way, your face looks the same, and you still cry about lost promises. So what’re you gonna do to make it so we’re safe?”
Dyne was walking back into camp after a nice conversation with Honey when he heard the voice startle him from behind. He jumped, let out a yelp, readied his mana and was ready to paralyze whoever snuck up on him. When he realized who it was, he sighed heavily, letting Volke go on his spiel... but he did not dissipate his mana.

"It's a little difficult to hide yourself from people you travel with who know what I look like. Especially when our numbers are dwindling by the day. What are you expecting me to do, Volke? Cut off my nose? Scar my face? Maybe I'll grow big bushy sideburns like you," the elf replied, feeling a little on edge. He looked the hobbling up and down, "I'm sorry that I'm not as adept at concealing myself or hiding who I am like others. And as for what I'm doing to make sure we're safe?! I brought Kainah back, I'm leading when I can, I'm keeping people healthy and alive. Or is this about Bambo going through the circle? I can't give life when I'm not there, and I cannot be everywhere at once."
Volke lets out a chuckle, still nonchalantly flipping his throwing knife. “You are ******* tight mate. Nobody’s expecting you to be port and starboard, but I’m telling ya if you jump like you’ve got an urchin on your ball sack you’re gonna draw some attention.”

“You brought Kaniah back, sure, how long is she around for now? A week? She did a right proper job of getting ganked a while back, and might be the only thing that diverts attention from you for a time. Now, as for your face...”

Volke stops flipping his knife, fingers gingerly gripping the blade. His gaze traces Dyne up and down, taking in the details. “I mean, you’ve got some pretty good suggestions, but you seem to hate them. I still stand by cutting the tips from your ears would suffice, but you hated that too. It’s nice to see your brain is actively working on this though, and not just sitting in a blind ‘Kaniah’s back, everything’s gonna be great’ rut. I mean, I’m happy to help, where your shortcomings come forth.”
Dyne wanted to give Volke another piece of his mind, but he stopped and thought for a brief moment, and he was right. Between the betrayal, the attack on the camp, the no rest... he was a little wound up to say the least. He took a deep breath and loosened his shoulders, feeling a bit better almost immediately.

"As far as I am aware, Kaniah is back for the long haul, assuming no dubiousness from the Eternals. Her plan was originally, and still is, to get us to Haven. Whether people want to follow her that far is up to them, but I know I will be sticking around." The healer did not appreciate being looked over like a piece of meat ready to be slaughtered, but knew Volke was likely doing it to get a rise out of him. "I'm very much in the camp of not mutilating myself. Staying out of sight and spreading rumors should be enough... especially with people constantly leaving. Who is to say I didn't leave with another group? And definitely not sitting back. Kaniah went through hell for over a month, she needs our help just as much as we need hers."
“You and I have a very different idea for mutilation. Honey, she was mutilated. Cutting of some ear tips is a far cry from what those bastards did to my wife. And an even farther cry from what I’ll do to every single one of the that isn’t Acel that we meet.” Volke rapidly moves and aggressively throws his dagger downwards, burying the entire blade in to the ground. He keeps his gaze locked on the hilt for a few seconds, before returning the gaze to the elf before him.

“Kaniah’s got a hell of a task to get some favour back with a lot of us. There’s not a fair amount of evidence she’s gonna be here for quite some time, so I think she best establish a hierarchy pretty quick. Maybe you as one of her fanatic could advise her of that.”

“Though one thing to consider now is how we should be acting compared to how they think we’re acting. Since they’ve got a pretty great idea from an internal perspective what we’re looking at doing, we may wanna consider acting somewhat contrary to the book they’ve got. I didn’t get much a chance to read over the book before Z took it to daddy, so why don’t you fill me in on the general gist of what’s going down while we scrub our tracks clean to try and dodge some followers?” Volke spits in his hand before extending it to Dyne, a level, firm gaze accompanying it.
Dyne watched as Volke threw the knife into the ground, he thought about mentioning more about the mutilation, but it was obviously a touchy subject for him, so he thought he would allow his comrade to vent rather than say or try to explain anything.

"I'm not sure why she needs to gain your favor. Last I checked, her and I and a few others rescued you from being a slab of meat on a table. If it wasn't for Kaniah and what she put together, even if you got free, many of us would still be wandering around Merrah lands just waiting to get picked up and devoured." He thought for a moment, "Plus, she's our emissary into Haven. If you and the other Fulmair what to try and strike it out on your own, you're free to. Nobody is keeping you here against your will. I've known the woman for hundreds of years, I feel much safer with her nearby."

He thought back to the book, knew that Aldous was working on another copy, and after flipping through his mental notes stated, "You'll be glad to know the book itself had nothing of what we were planning on doing, just what we've done. They also know nothing of the Titan we've met, to the best of my knowledge." The elf took a deep breath, "I know you're having difficulty trusting what we're doing, I understand, you have your wife and tribe to look after... but if you don't want to put your faith in Kaniah, put your faith in me." He extended his hand, it was a lot to ask of someone, but he hoped to win Volke over, as he and the rest of the Fulmair were powerful allies.
Volke tightly gripped Dyne’s arm, a squelch as his saliva made contact with skin. A tight squeeze sealed the agreement, and Volke released his grasp. It may be rocky, and it may be temporary, but it was necessary. Bending down, Volke gave a mighty heave to his dagger and it soared in to the air, before Volke caught it in his bag. “Well met then. Sea as my witness I shan’t **** you over quite yet unless you threaten the well being of my crew.”

At the mention of the Titan, Volke’s brow furrows. “You know, it’s funny you mention that Titan. I had a dream about what I can only think was that Titan. Seemed historic, and focused on the creation of a city that sounds like everything Haven has been described to me. Was some right fuckery, if you ask me.” Volke shakes his head and lets out a deep sigh, but then pauses. “Wait a sec... you were there in that dream. Not there there... but watching over the scene with me. You don’t... you don’t recall that, do you? Seems very happenstancy that you mention that right now.”
Dyne very much appreciated the gesture and did his best not to be too grossed out by the saliva. "Hopefully 'quite yet' is still a ways a way. I've had my share of back stabbery for awhile I do say." He lightly laughed at his own comment, "But thank you Volke. It is appreciated. You and your crew are a big part of this caravan."

His eyes went wide at the mention of the dream, "Xestilophon." It took the healer a moment, but he eventually regained his composure, "The other titans. They REALLY didn't like them. I honestly think it's because he taught the small folk magic."
“Yeah. Xestilophon. Or, Ted, likely. So you did have that dream, and you were there. You know what that means, right?”

Volke’s breathing sped up a touch. He hoped that Dyne was able to pick it up. Because if Dyne had that dream, he wasn’t the only one who was also privy to that...
"It means that likely everyone else who went with us... Ash, Tamra, Leanna, Aldous and Chadwick had it as well," he nodded. "Did you also feel some other presences? I felt one... it wasn't very familiar to me. But it was dark. I have a feeling who it might have been, but it could just be my mind playing tricks on me."

He thought for a moment, "On the off chance those other titans are still there, I'm wondering if bringing Ted might be a hindrance to our getting into Haven."
Honey follows quietly behind the pair, out of sight and close enough to take action if necessary. She took in all that was being said, wishing she had been there to see the titan.
Han's approches the camp slowly, making himself know to those keeping watch. He approaches Dyne with a stern look on his face, brushing dirt off of his Life Warden tabbard..

"From what I've heard you're the leader of this caravan. If you are not then I need to speak with Aldous, Kainah, or whom ever is in charge around here."
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Dyne was shocked when approached by the Life Warden, and at being referred to as the leader. "THE leader? No. Definitely not. That would be Kainah," he points to a tent a few yards down, "That is hers. But I suppose I would consider myself among the leadership of the caravan, I've been traveling with them for awhile and have known Kainah for a century or two."

He paused a moment before continuing, "Is there something I can help with?"
Hans slings his giant hammer onto his shoulder and looks around "Well I know that this caravan has a few scouts within its ranks, and I wanted to check to see if anyone has seen any usual activities in the last few weeks. My scouts have reports of Merrah activity far outside their borders. Smaller parties, possibly raiding parties, possibly search parties. Have you or any of your scouts heard or see anything in this area? Or have you had any encounters with The Merrah in the last few days?"
Dyne thinks about it for a few moment. None of the scouts reported to him, nor did he hear anything while at the fire. And regarding the Merrah, the attacks have surprisingly been limited. Eventually, the elf shakes his head, "Can't say I've heard anything. Scouts report to Kainah. And we've not been attacked by the Merrah in a few days, it's been quite nice actually."

'Nice,' he thought to himself. 'How is being hunted nice?'

"Have they been targeting anyone in particular? Taking supplies? People? And do you know roughly how many? I want to ensure our people are safe and prepared for what may be coming our way."
"Not attacking camps, well mainly not attacking camps. They tried to ambush one of my camps just a few days ago, but their numbers were to small against ours. But it seems they have been going into caves and abandoned settlements. They aren't raiding like they normally do, as they are not taking anything... not even people. I would normally speak with Kainah, but she would defer me to Corvin, and sadly I can not go to him anymore."

The human grunts and scratches his goatee

"Well keep vigilant, do not let your guard down, even in the more peaceful times. They are obviously looking for something"
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