Non build skills

I am resetting all non-build skills which we currently have floating around the game. They have been abused in some cases and have cause problems for plot in others. My thought on making this happen is this -

IG explanation - The newly woven Crocevia and the reinforcement it offers the weave of the continent is too strong to allow the abilities to function effectively. You must re-train yourself to use them.

OOG mechanics - All non-build skills (scrying, elder magic, weave sight, etc) are now considered useless unless the player has spent build in the appropriate OCS category. As such they will be usable to give plot should the plot committee so desire, but must comply with the OCS rules.

This change will be in effect as of the November event.

If you have any questions as to which skills are and are not reset, please feel free to contact me via PM on this site or via email.