Not overlooking the simple things (Assistance Encouraged)


Chicago Staff
Fellow Adventurers;

Together we have recently accomplished some great feats that no doubts scribes and bards equally cramp their hands to preserve the details there-in. In such adventures it is very easy to keep sight world altering concerns and continue to expand upon the idea that if we loose focus, there might not be a tomorrow. We hold little concern for very important concepts in which others desperately strive to maintain. Little thought is held to where you might sleep; or where your next meal might come. We are adventurers; and such things are a benign concern as we accomplish them easily.

The various Duchies, and the villages there in do not share this luxury. While we are concerned with ensuring that tomorrow arrives. Townsfolk are concerned with enduring the weather and elements to survive to this future we attempt to preserve. Or worse, not starve to death in the coming days - never knowing for sure that their next meal is guaranteed.

Over the last two markets we have been visited by Nobles to impress upon us the importance to that due to these World crushing extremes it is the townspeople whom are suffering. While yes, resolving these issues does assist these villages in that the sun will continue to rise. It does not help them with their basic needs. Basic needs which have been impacted by these crushing events. Some of which as has been discussed at ad nauseam; caused by adventurers.

Between now and next market I would encourage everyone to take a look at what you have versus what you need. It need not be the primary focus of your free time, but as I said numerous times at market - more than zero, is more than zero. It could be as simple as hunting for fresh meat for a village, or the collection of fresh water for those not immediately near a stream.

For those with more time to dedicate to this endeavor, by all means please do so. I personally plan to use my strength of might and magic to defend the transportation of goods to attempt to ensure they reach where they are going. I will also likely provide open call to less seasoned adventures to continue this into the next Market when the Harvest will be busier in some places.

To that end, Lord Koshinari has made no secret that an adventurer whom delivers a Formal Magic Scroll of Bountiful Harvest will be rewarded in some fashion, he was not specific as to what the reward would entail. In an ideal situation, he would acquire more than one - so this is not a first come, first praise situation. Delivery can be made to any Vornae in attendance at the Next Market who will make arrangements to announce you and your delivery.