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Recent threads have once again hit the "it that is what staff from <x> thinks I don't want to play there" button as well as the "don't judge me/my chapter based on my/my staff opinions" buttons. Just a thought for all the staff and owners and board admins out there. Those opinions are valid and you should read them. They are relevant as they are feedback. If you are concerned by the opinions you see and you are concerned they might not be truly representative, then you can go out and solicit more feedback, since these forums are only ever a minority slice of the pie as it were, but I find it disheartening to see discussion dismissed or stifled.

Joe S.
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I find it straight up annoying when people judge a chapter by the opinions of any individual. I don't even care if that individual is the owner, or the GM.

The reality is that, as long as a chapter has been functioning for awhile, it clearly has something to offer, and is worth trying unless you lack the funds to do so. It might not be your cup of tea, but it must have players that do get their funsies from it.

Judging a chapter based on the words of a single person is a petty attack on that chapter, and it shouldn't be encouraged.

James Trotta

Diversity Committee
I reported one of those "if that is what staff from <x> thinks I don't want to play there" posts. I thought it was off topic and argumentative.

I agree that the reasons people won't visit chapter X could be useful information to the chapter staff. However, collecting that info should be done systematically. One off topic post on a message board isn't worth much from a performance improvement perspective.

I've actually proposed a project that would systematically collect information on players' attitudes toward different chapters. If that project gets approved, I hope that everyone here contributes and helps spread the word to non-forum types.


I dunno.

I think that if you want to incite change, directing your feedback to those in power to change it through their assigned channels is the optimal path.

But when we're discussing some nuance of rules theory/chapter policy/storyline, and someone says "In my chapter, we do X", I think it's reasonable to respond with "Your chapter doing X is the exact reason I would not attend".

For instance, if someone said "In my chapter, we have these monsters called Wops that really like spaghetti with clam sauce, and it's awesome!!!", I would fully expect it to be called out by someone with the response "Wow, how horribly racist. I will never go there.". Clearly, there are lesser versions of this, but the general principle remains true, I think?

That said, there's something to be said for how you couch those same opinions. The national forums function in part as a means of advertising and encouraging new on-going playership (whether pulling in people from the void, or helping that lady who just played her third game and had some questions). As such, on the broad forum, I think attempting to discourage policies by strongly-worded rebukes is probably the wrong way to go about it.


Raleigh Staff
As a game runner/owner that's been around for a while, I'll chime and say as to my personal experience, when I hit someone that phrases something as 'I'm not coming to that/your chapter because of X' 95% of the time it's a situation where I look at it and think, well if I changed to make him happy I know x,y, and z players would have the opposite reaction so that's a shame. I will also note folks who use that phrase TEND to have a lot of suggestions, most of which I'll generally not consider as deeply since I already know that I've been crossed off their list.

Long story short, Be a sith and deal in absolutes and you'll generally have less influence/impact on the folks trying to balance the scales while providing a game they are proud of.
Everyone has opinions. Those opinions can sometimes be fluid, waxing and waning depending on the emotional state of the person holding them. Typically I view a statement like "I'll never go <x>!" as carrying an above average degree of emotional charge. If someone held an opinion strongly outside of a momentary declaration, if they wanted to have their opinion treated as a considered, reasonable position and not, forgive the dramatic phrasing, part of a temper tantrum's outburst, they can probably find more politic ways of expressing that opinion. This is particularly the case considering that many chapter owners/GMs do not use the forums at all, so trying to claim that you're aiming to provide constructive criticism to the people who should be hearing it doesn't hold water.

Frankly, if someone is the sort of person who makes tough, sweeping statements on the internet but lacks the courtesy to even follow up with a direct personal message, I can do without their custom. This is a game, a fun game we play with friends, and when it sinks to a level where the fun is taking a backseat to being a website demagogue, why are you still playing?


I think that it's totally valid to say that we like a game because the people who play it are so awesome, friendly, and welcoming.

Therefore, I also think it's valid to say that you don't want to play a game because individuals who play it appear to be devoid of those desirable qualities.

If I were in the game in question, and one bad apple was spoiling the reputation of the whole barrel, that'd sure motivate me to take action locally, speak directly, speak to staff, act as staff, and so forth, to improve that situation. One jerk can really ruin a whole event for someone. Ain't nobody got time to let that continue in life, is my opinion.

Trace Moriarty


It is the intent of National Staff for players to use proper channels to voice their complaints. It is recommended that should you have problems with a chapter, you will take it up with that chapter's Customer Service, General Manager, or Owner should they not have staff members filling those previous roles.

National Customer Service is also someone to reach out to in case local channels are not responding.

However, as with all customer service interactions, I require you to be concise, professional, and courteous to our staff, both Local and National. Many of these individuals are volunteers, and are to be treated with respect.

Alison Buntemeyer
Alliance Chairman