NOTICE about event blankets - SUPER IMPORTANT


IMPORTANT - READ THIS AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS - The 1.3 database has been updated on the forums character viewer.

Understand that the build shown IS different than your CMA build total. 1.3 build is your true build - and no we will not update anything in the CMA for you before 2.0 go live. It will all be reconciled at that time.

I have done this update at the prompting of Brad. You will be able to check your character xp history to plan if you would like any blankets applied before 2.0 go live. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BLANKET ANY 1.3 GAME (including play tests and early adoption games) after 5/18/19 @ 5:00pm PST. Per the announcement on the Official Alliance LARP Forums you are able to, for this ONE TIME only, blanket FUTURE events that occur during the month of May, 2019.

We will be preparing and sending the final information to the CMA team at that time.

If you have any questions Kristin and I are always available. Stephen has also made himself available for any and all Magic Item conversion questions or assistance. Please reach out and ask away. We are deeply appreciative of your patience and assistance with this transition and look forward to finalizing everything in the next month.

As a reminder - get you blanket requests in ASAP, do your conversions, call/text/carrier pigeon Kristin and I if you need. There will be a LOT of announcements coming soon so stay tuned. There are a ton of moving parts and we are doing our best to get you all set!

(Please keep the comments on this post productive, we gunna hit them memes later. I promise)