November 1-3 Favorites!

Despite only being there for a few hours, I had a killer time! I keep chuckling to myself over the various highlights so I thought I would share a few of mine (in no particular order).

-The food. Holy wow. Always a pleasure to see a kitchen team knock it out of the park wirh SUCH delicious meals, and this time in challenge mode with the Smallest Kitchen Ever.
-Drinking Bracers! And the hour plus of shenanigans that accompanied them
-Company Alpha & Beta
-Kai's Chair
-Mila's Oodle joke
-Physically intercepting Foss' kitkat from Desylvia
-Abom's antics with the biata
-Bada "who has some black paint? .... for no reason..."
-Ten's retelling of Five Snakes in a Trenchcoat
-Pouting about having a chaos blade so much I nearly overlooked getting hit with a Reverse Life Force (thanks friends with intercepts!)
-Lennox littered! That's it, that's the final straw...
-bidding war with Rusty and overhearing "Guy, we don't even die that much..."
-Also the overwhelming love and support in bidding assistance
-Stoba deathknight grumpus realizing I was swinging healing (and knocking that Life spell right out of the air!)
-The decade long revival of "I Bitechoo"
-Gator "So... is this when we clap?"
-Gator- "Looky me, I'm Lennox, cawCAW"
-Abom hitting birds/arrows out of the air like a ninja
-"Agate, get that off your head, you don't know where it's been!" "I know EXACTLY where it's been!" ~3 minutes later, having the exact same convo with Ragnarok, ver betam~
-Leaving all the magic items at the kin table (and being told repeatedly that we were the party table)
-Fun Police Glenn >:[
-Following a character choice to walk away from a roleplay situation that DIRECTLY conflicted with my player curioisity to learn a ton of secrets!

What were some of your highlights?
  • Hearing about five snakes in a trench coat. Now its four snakes, no coat. Maybe coat? Can snakes buy coats?
  • The food! So good. I am glad I got yelled at to get some breakfast before it was gone, breakfast was my favorite, the noodles were so good.
  • -Old Man" foss
  • Learning old Hadrani games and jokes
  • "Let me check my notes.... no, yeah, it says right here, it DOESNT MAKE SENSE"
  • Walking away from the Biata who was telling all our secrets to everyone. "Yeah, joke's on him, he's got to read off the ENTIRE caladorian code of chivalry"
  • "I see THREE PLATES from criminals who did not pick up after themselves!" "I'm pretty sure that's the king's plate." "....The King is not a criminal. I may have spoken rashly."
  • Getting to fight side by side with a lot of really skilled players!
  • Seeing a lot of new NPCs get really into it
  • CROWS. The crow NPCs were so entertaining.
  • Engulfed by a mimic. I have to remember my Bane next time. Can I eat a mimic?
  • All of Gator.
  • Panthergaunt mod. I think he's upset.
All of the above were great.

I also enjoyed:

-the golem group of greatness
-Fabulous teatime with good company..."put the shovel down, Migs"
-rocking out team beta
-Drinking bracers "it's so refreshing"
-The look on Bada's face when the 'criminal' was identified
-giving Alligator shaman a proper round of applause
-all the talks about magic, experiences, and the state of things
-NPCs and plot! Fantastic job, new and experienced alike. Everyone was really great and rolled with the needs of the game. Thank you all so much for your work!
-The food was so great! Kudos to those whose work enables the rest of us to eat as we did/do.
-"Dis anybody's?"
-Puzzle time!
-Meeting new people and getting to know everyone a little better has been such a positive experience. You guys are wonderful.
-Prisonstorm > Bassdrawp. Full stop, no question. (Though i really wish we could have kept at least a couple of the golems for the Lennox encounter)
First off:. Thanks to all of the wonderful NPC's! Also thanks to the company for three more amazing meals!

Now in no particular order:

- moonlight Sentinel pre-battle intoxicates and impromptu singing before the Lennox Battle.

- Golems, been a while since I wore a construct.

- Peachrock Treasure (was the first time I've gone looking for the treasure but got allot of good explanations) then the puzzle.

- "we're going to search for the necklace in the courtyard" "Corbell do you have any light?" "No I was prepped for Lennox all of my lights were flame bolt" wow was I unprepared for a midnight game of hide and seek the jewelry, lucky I didn't need the lights

- the alligator clap

- wedding of Lady Elle

- the cake was amazing

- Lennox Battle

- watching one of the NPC's get a good chuckle at me trying to get the dead crow out of my armor that had not only gone in my armor but down my shirt.

- the number of NPC's was awesome!
Seeing little old ladys cackling with glee as they ran around pelting the pcs with packets.
It actually gave me a second wind wich was the boost i needed to finish the mod.
I've been super invested in this plot line for a while now and it has come to such an excellent conclusion!
Favorites in no particular order

-Getting a Regen! Been working on that for something like 3 or 4 years now.
-On my way to the Troll which has the Regen catalyst, running into literally the entire Crow Army.
-"Death comes to Lennox, it's name is Ragnarok. Death comes to Lennox, it's name is Glenn. Death Come's to Lennox, it's name is Binar."
-Post Turtle Island hanging around with good friends laughing. Just glad to be alive.
-Daaaang Fates Pawns looks good.
-"Would you like a handful of cake Ragnarok?"
-Breakfast ramen!
-Physical Intercept of a Kit-Kat
-5 Snakes in a Trench Coat. I wasn't there but I'm still chuckling about it
-Interactions with Corrupt Ragnarok and those that corrupted him.
-Lots of compliments from other PCs that Ragnarok is doing a good job. Thanks everyone!
-Hopping fence as Master Varbag and Binar's instant reaction of Prison-Storm > Bassdrawp.
-Such well stated NPCs and well run mods. They were hecka difficult but the right kind of difficult!
-Alligator Shaman (Alexander) wrasslin' the dire gator (repped by the propane tank).
-Wonderful conversations with so many nobility including Ser Silver-Leaf, Magistrate Oliver, King Grimlock, and more.
-Throwing down the feathers Rag had been wearing for over a year onto Lennox's permanently dead body. "It's over."
-I have claimed the Skull of the Crow Totem as my trophy. Now Agate and I just need to figure out the custody agreement.

See yall soon!
I had a really really fun weekend!! And instead of napping on the car ride home I assembled a favorites list!!

-Gator shaman wrestling (wrastles) the totem alligator. I am so glad you didn't fall off the propane tank Alexander. It looked a little dicey for a minute.

-Drinking bracers. Nuff said.

-Mutt's interception of that kitkat bar

-The dex/puzzle mod combo to find the lost totem amulets. Easily the most atmospheric puzzle mod I've been on in a while. Finding the knot properly phys repped on the back fo the tree was the best part for me.

-Getting the killing blow on Lennox with Rags

-Wearing crow's head as a hat, and the ensuing split custody agreement. It's a really neat hat.

-Getting offered a post perma-death job as a hunter of wayward spirits by Tyrion in the middle of the Lennox fight. Thank goodness I have 50 years to think on it!!

‐During the Ishnar fight Friday night: Ishnar:"You're on my list!!" Agate: "Why?" Ishnar: "You're a member of The Company" Agate: "Since when?!?!"

-Swatting down the life spells being chucked at Lennox after the graveyard claimed her spirit.

Can't wait to do it all over again in 2 weeks!!!
My favourites in no particular order

Bringing Locke back and Auryn join in as the door blew open. Then finishing the resurrection seconds before the circle was shattered.

Teaching Syv how to resurrect people then watching as she freaked out when she came as a Sylvanborn instead or human

Seeing the Pegasus, oh so pretty

Everything Pebbles

Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable
Yeah, that tomato conversation set me up perfectly..."What's a tomato?" Still can't believe I said that with a straight face.