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  1. Manflesh

    Manflesh Newbie

    What a great weekend. Thank you again to MC and all NPCs that helped. You know the drill!

    -That mix of sadness and happiness that comes when I didn't get Binks for the Sat mod, but I got Jasper one more time.
    -Also a lot of the costuming was great. That creepy engulfing creature was fantastic.
    -Getting to be a poison forest was a ton of fun. "Loooove gas poison" for the win.
    -Late night Company Heist time is the best time.
    -It was so awesome to see so many visitors. I hope to see you all again next year!
    -Harraka and J'Rajj duel was fun.
    -"Those were the days...wait, what am I talking about?" from Rob that had the Company crying from laughter.
    -Babysitting mod and gaining the nickname, "nose flute".
    - Really unexpected emotional scene with Carly. You were fantastic. Thank you.
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  2. ecrath

    ecrath Newbie

    Great season everyone. Thanks to all of the PCs who left an impact on this world and to all the NPCs/plot dealing with that. Lets begin, shall we.
    * Iggy and J'Rajj gearing up to save children
    * Death of the king, what a way to try and bring us together to finally finish off the nine.
    * The constant sense of foreboding knowing that fighting Harcorun was in just a few hours away.
    * The Dumyuk tebacle
    * "You can enter my mind if you let me out" "We let him out and immediately put him in another cell"
    * Iggy: "Look the intern is already more useful than our last two interns"
    Kat(?):"Wasn't one of those Mila?"
    Iggy: "Oh ****, yeah"
    Intern: "Who's Mila?"
    Iggy: "She's my...we're...umm"
    Intern: "I got ya"
    * All the rp, I spent most of my time talking to people, it was great!
    * The triple hook mods, first triple hook in Chicago history!
    * Dealing with the children, seriously guys great way to bring Iggy back to helping
    *The "lecture" from Lu and Ark after the town mod. Felt good to have Iggy get called out for his stupid bravery.
    *Getting called out as one of the bigger fighters, Foss I can't swing that hard.
    * That greatsword, thanks Emeric
    * All interactions with Dram when speaking about sketchy things

    Thanks again all, can't wait for the feast in january
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  3. OH MY.... What a season ender. ... My brain still hurts. Some much fun and such great job from Monster Camp and the NPCs

    -Helping Lu with the "kraven" issue. ... Kat is uncomfortable but glad to help.
    -Getting Choaked during a ritual... or at least thinking I was... Fun rp.
    -The king rifting into the tavern dead. ... You guys have gotten really good at the shock aspect for that stuff.
    -Being thanked by King Grimlock after his coronation.
    -That Damned Dumyuk.....
    -RACE CHANGE.... I am mystic now.
    -Triple strike on the shadow mages.
    -Down with the nine.
    -Kat: " you are not quite as cute as say... emeric or thorn" Migs:" aw... "*sad look*
    -Drunk Foss. ..... *sigh*... I will take the thanks anyway
    - Chewing 2 shatter spirits in that last fight.
    -Harcoron chasing Raquel .....Kat:"Leave my mate alone" ... Then the stare down as raquel and I backing away from him.
    -Jasper getting kicked by Harcoron.
    -bamboo like plant field..... And the damned love 9...
    -Meeting Yara, and our adventure to get to her
    -getting my true name.
    -Seeing hannible again... uggg... i don't like him.....
    -Helping Resurect lu and her being very stand offish. I retreved an intocicate drink for her and then got an appoligy and hugs. Then her face change when I mentioned chewing TWO shatter spirits.
    -Helping dispell the prisons that held half the Pride... And possibly earning another browny point with them.
    -Conversation with Elle about Kat's annoyance at many adventurers "come back get blasted drunk" menatilty after the big fights on saturday nights.
    -Bluewater is a duke now. :)
    -Elle is a Lady now. . <3
    -Talking with Joseph about my perspective on what was going on with the noble thing.
    -Emeric's beat down by harcoron as harcoron was leaving for his stupid comment and rolling bleeding out at my feet.
    -War talk with Ganiven

    This was a fun event as always but defiantly the most mentally taxing that I have ever had. Can't wait for the next one... Thanks everyone for being awesome and making the event amazing as always.
  4. KyleH

    KyleH Newbie

    Amazing season closer! There was lots of fun to be had, and this is definitely up there for one of my favorites. Here are my favorites:
    - Getting cornered in the tavern Friday night by those marking dogs because I had hot wassail in my hands
    - The Harcoran mod was lots of fun, the RP between Alexander, Ryan, and Carly was spectacular
    - The food was great as always
    - The King rifting in dead really started things off with a bang
    -Talking to everyone is always relaxing
    -Joking around with Thorn all weekend about necklaces
    -Talking to the moon and the were dilemma was interesting
    -The Dumyuk
    - The stone elf children problem, and getting it solved
    -Shaking hands with the new King, and hearing that my death worm work is definitely being noticed
    - The end of the nine
    -People constantly insulting or teasing Harcoran and paying for it was pretty funny
    -Elle becoming a lady and Enan becoming a Duke

    It was a great season closer, and a great season in general. Cannot wait until January!
  5. blaird

    blaird Newbie

    In no particular order, and I'm probably missing some.

    • The Dumyuk, costuming and ensuing fight.
    • The King rifting in was a good way to get us started.
    • golem suites
    • the forest of gas globes! oh my that had me laughing :)
    • "Hey Thorn, Miggs is trying to command me, he is commanding me to be a mystic" the look on Thorn's face was like I had broke him.
    • going to cast awaken on Kat, and then going um not anymore take her to Elle.
    • Double (or was it triple) hooking
    • Plane hopping with Master Asura, was fun plane hopping for the first time.
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  6. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Had a great time both on the PC side and the NPC side this event.

    - Driving back from the Oct event saying to Alexander about The Nine Finale, "I think it would be really badass if Harcoran kicked a begging Jasper and left him to die". Man am I glad that actually got to happen.
    - The entire RP with The Nine and each PC hitting a different nerve. Sam/Jasper, Victor constantly in my face (through like 8 Shatter Spirits until 1 actually hit him), Enan causing the backlash when I looked him in the eye.
    - The moment Harcoran started to berate Jasper and each PC went from being right next to the circle to slowly moving 30ft away. Yall knew stuff was about to go down.
    - The Dumyuk
    - The Were Sloth Friday night. Niiiiiiinnnneeeettttyyy mmmmaaaassssssiiiivvvveee sssslllaaaay.
    - 3 mods on Sat in a row were pretty neat.
    - Everything with the Stone Elf monster children. 0017 lived longer than I expected. Though I think I spent around an hour unconscious, dying, sleeped or dead.
    - Elle being made a Lady
    - Thorns Whispering Wind. 30...29...28.....

    I'm sure I'll think of more.
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  7. kalindra

    kalindra Adept Alliance Rules Marshal

    What an intense event! It was great seeing everything the plot team had planned, and how strongly PCs reacted to it.

    --Bringing out 6 of my old NPCs, 4 of which I was expecting... And that's not including Amy Hale, who would have been there to see the King's death if we had been at site 15 minutes earlier (Dang it!)
    --The Stone Elf children thing with Ryan and Emma was nuts, trying to figure out the "rules" for how to not be a failure. I managed to stay mostly Stone Elf until Ryan tried to silently describe the Nine and pantomimed Antigana with a "boobs" gesture... :p
    --Dumyuk costume looked awesome! And then of course I didn't get to see any of the fight, because Duchess Fairfax is always put in a CoP as soon as something bad is happening ;) At least she got to contribute some Life spells.
    --Impromptu scene with Sam/Jira
    --Ryan's sloth makeup and "Ttwwwennnnnnntyyy ... mmmmmasssssivvvvvvvve ..."
    --Interactions with PCs as Illumina and the First! Extra props to Grimshaw for his RP during that scene!
    --Clara Clawsome and Fredrick visit to argue about Planar mapping...
    ...And as requested, I'm reminding Nick of this conversation:
    Foss: "I think your model is wrong."
    Clawsome: "Oh YEAH? Well I think your FACE--is very nice--my Lord Baron. Saved it!"
    --And finally, ending the season with one of the most cinematic fights I can remember. Thanks for dropping Antigana's corpse in a front-row seat for the climactic smackdown! :D It was incredible to see up close.

    See you all next season!
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  8. Joda

    Joda Newbie

    I think I echo a common sentiment here, but that was an absolutely fantastic closer!

    -Jumping from one fight and situation to the next, I felt like I had a very productive weekend!
    -Having Carly and Ryan NPCing quite a bit was enjoyable, and seeing those old characters was great! (Thanks Carly!)
    -Plane-hopping with Asura and crew, not really knowing what we were about to get into was great. Those changing-sand things were really clever.
    -Another Mystic joins! Welcome, Kat!
    -Lots and lots of fun Thorn RP with multiple people. It was great having the Griffon Guard around again, I always love hanging with you guys! Speaking of...
    -Rodrick's Oath. I loved our banter back and forth, right up until "...what if I swore off command spells until the day I die?" "...I'm listening..."
    -Meeting and conversing with the Intern. I never expected ex-slave Thorn would actually meet a currently-a-slave adventurer, and I love the RP that ensued.
    -Enan is a Duke!
    -El is a Lady!
    -Foss's constant hesitation to contact potential help for the 9
    -Actually helping with the town auction for once, instead of just sitting by. I believe I want to help more from here on out.
    -Ryan's were-sloth, and my reactionary blocking of that massive slay for Ragnarok
    -More necklaces!
    -The determination to succeed that was felt among the adventurers during the 9 fight was compelling
    -Getting told by the Griffon Guard that I was to be protected by them for the entire fight, and then them actually doing that <3
    -I really like how that fight progressed, from a moving line-fight, into an open push, into a choke-point, and then the large open field battle. I really enjoyed all the aspects of that.
    -Thorn getting increasingly frustrated by the small stone-elf mage that kept throwing commands. Thorn doesn't often mutilate bodies, but that'll do it.
    -Very sad Thorn command ping-pong between the 9 and the adventurers
    -Triple hook mod. I really liked both of those mods I was on

    There are just so many things I enjoyed I cant even think of them all off the top of my head. All in all a great event, I look forward to next season!
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  9. Ryan S

    Ryan S Newbie

    I had lots of fun down in Chicago; so much that I suggested to the Gryphon Guard that we make Chicago a more regular thing next year.

    -- Swearing off Command Magic was the highlight of the weekend for me. Catching Thorn off-guard with the offer, chatting up Squire Lu about how she wanted the oath done, and then getting a round of applause from the MWEs when I made the oath was great.
    -- The Gryphon Guard deciding they were going to be Thorn's protectors all because I said, "I'd take it as a personal favor if you'd heal Thorn up if you see him go down." And they took that much more serious than I'd intended.
    -- Squire Lu's impromptu offer... you had to be there :p
    -- Pegging down the Golem in Saturday night's fight... one 6 [element] arrow at a time.
    -- Letting out my inner evil while playing a sadistic torturer. Didn't realize how much I missed that kind of dark stuff.
    -- Chasing Asura around trying to be "helpful". Yelling, "No don't!" when someone cast a Life spell on him, then being scolded that I wasn't fast enough.
    -- Getting warned by another Elf that someone had started a rumor that I was a necromancer. Apparently swearing an oath on my honor made someone think I had something to hide.
    -- Exploring strange planes with the "Keys to the Universe", encountering the Plane of Knowledge and finally finding out where Dryad babies come from! I knew it was weird!
    -- Shouldering Asura with the responsibility of telling a truly impressive story to an evil doll. Jokes on that doll, I had Asura's bottle, so even when she tried to rig the vote, Asura wasn't in any danger.
    -- POTATOE!

    All in all I had a good time down with you guys, and I look forward to the next time I can make it.
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  10. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    My Faves in no particular order.

    Foss:"We could just his friends" (points to Edwin referencing Death Worms) "or His friends" (points to Grimshaw referencing the First-were)

    -Calling down the Moon, the arrival of the First-were , then Grimshaw standing weaponless trying to hold the were's back with only words and open hands.

    Foss: "Are you fixing your hair to meet the Moon?"
    Grimshaw "and If I was?"
    Foss: "Are you planning to ask her out?"
    Grimshaw: "No cuz I don't fink she works for coin"(Whole tavern rolls their eyes)

    -The Dumyuk, that thing was horrifing
    -Dragon fights are always a hoot.
    -Sinagins with Binks, Edwin and Kael(sp) fighting undead then getting Feeble minded and being left that way.
    -Stone Elf dragon mage Children and taking a cosmetic change to Protect Edwin's hair.
    -That said "Pink Hair"
    -Gravey and Taters
    -The conversation with the First-Were and being scolded for "weak talk"
    -Dragon Poker! lost all the money
    -Saturday night payout. Wait Were'd all this extra money come from?
    -Trading "Hats" to Joseph for potions.
    -alternative method for Packet pick up sunday morning.
    -Pumpkin muffins - OMG!
    -Getting to keep Forgotten Hope and its name and herald.

    I am sure there was more but I can't seem to think of them right now.
    Thanks for a great season see you all at the Banquet.
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