Now Recruiting!

I can help out in something new player or whatever you'll have me for.
Are you still looking for help with logistics? I'm one of the Denver folk, but... I have a particular set of skills...
I'm an accountant IRL, so I don't know if I have "tips and tricks" so much as "it's how my brain works and I find it enjoyable." My largest work in this area has come with blankets and goblin stamps, helping other players plan their blanketing to reach build point goals (usually Denver's cap at the time), and I spent a fair bit of time making sure I understood how the game's xp/build point system works. I wrote an FAQ for Denver logistics at Mac's request, though it hasn't been put on the website last I checked and probably needs a few updates. I've worked with Access in a classroom setting but not a professional one. I can provide references for my LARP Accountant work. :)

Also I try to maintain a calendar of all the Alliance games, to help people plan their blanketing, and provide access to it free for all interested:

Biggest thing off the top of my head? Connect the KS database to the forums here so people can check their basic stuff (build points and goblin stamps) without emailing logistics. Makes life easier on everyone.
So, I'm happy to answer questions about "how things work." Or, if you need more hands on support, we can talk about that too.
You can do that?? Attach the Access database to the forums?? People have been asking me if there's a way to view their character cards/build, but I told them no. Just to email me and I'll send them what I have! Yes, please teach me how to do so! Also, I think I would love some of your knowledge on how things work.
For now, I will post your email up on our forums so that if people want to plan their blankets and such, they can talk to you! Is that alright? Also, I think having a large calendar of events would be great for our forums as well. Thanks so much!
We are on Discord, mostly. Feel free to join!
I have no clue on the process for linking to the forums since I'm just a player. I would start by talking with @Auric since I believe he does a lot of the database work on the national level, though I don't know if he is the right person. He will probably also know the contact info for anyone else you have to talk to (such as the national forum admin).


Alliance Owner
Yeah, I'm the one that would set you up to have the database available on the forums for viewing. I'll get it created and instructions to you by this weekend.