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Hello! I am 13 and just getting into larp! I saw that you had to be 14 to play and 16 to have a weapon. Just wondering how old you have to be to play an NPC? I’m guessing 14 not sure though


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The age requirements are going to vary from chapter to chapter. If you know what chapter/area you’ll be playing in your best bet is to post the question in that chapter’s sun-forum.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!


Ok awesome! One more question are the races for the npcs the same as the player characters or can you be a race that a player character cannot be. For example if a goblin is not a player character option can you be a goblin as an NPC?


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You are correct. NPCs will usually be the "monsters" that are sent out to fight the PCs. Sometimes an npc will be a towns person looking for help or something like that. The npc is to help the staff of the chapter run the game and entertain the pcs.

Spongie02, if you check out you can see which chapter is closest to you and then check their age restrictions.