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Minnesota Staff
Keeping track of every NPCs outfit will get a bit tedious so the idea is to take pictures of various NPCs to help with the confusion! We thought it might be useful or at least interesting to everyone else! So here is a link to the gallery!

NPC Gallery link To see the link hit View Score and it will be in the feedback section.
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Minnesota Staff
Ambassador pictures are up!
not sure where this should go but i found it yesterday, i noticed on a program for the TPT channels that they have a web series called "Minnesota Niche" and on this they have something called "Larp House", and i was wondering if anyone else has heard of this???

David Raatz
As a newish player who has a hard time with names and faces, THIS WOULD BE EXTREMELY HELPFUL! I'm so excited about the NPC database, thank you so much! This helps boat loads! (Sorry for the yelling)