NPC Thanks for June 2017 Event


Alliance Denver always appreciates your shout outs and compliments to our NPCs and volunteers. Even if you don't know a person's name, let us know about the role in which their performance improved your event -- we love sharing this praise with our hard-working crew!!

Here are some of the nice things that you have to say about our fantastic NPCs:

Friday Night Opening Battle against the undead ancient mariner crew of the Wyld Naiad

"All of them really. Loved the Friday night fight, the setup was superb."
"ALL of the crew for the very very VERY awesome Friday night ghost fight."
"And the entire crew of the creepy pirate ship. That scared me to death."
"The pirate mist battle was awesome!"

Various Encounters
"Logger Ponderosa Pine, Leonard the farmer and the cotton farmer, hilarious RP at dinner."


"Female- themed NPC that played the potion maker that was robbed by bandits Saturday night. Her ability to keep a straight face and maintain her character's indignation at being robbed while being quizzed / interrogated with the most whimsical questions was astoundingly good!"

"Stealth mod NPCs. I can't imagine how boring a mod like that must be for them, but they did a fantastic job the whole way through. Thank you NPCs!"

Steven as the tattooist. Cody as Zhardon. Abi as everything I saw her doing. The 3 thieves from Friday night (whose names I sadly don't know). Trace as the squire with a golden heart. Honestly, the entire NPC crew hit it out of the park. Those listed were the ones I personally interacted with.”

Izzy, Quentin, and Dia. Amazing as always.”

Specific Shout Outs For Our Great Volunteer Crew
Abi Dancho

Keeps Monster Camp organized, was our main photographer for the June 2017 event. Endlessly cheerful and willing to help out.

Anthony Clark
His first time out at Alliance, soldiered on through the whole event with energy and dignity.

Brian Lambert
Plays Bastion Pond of The Vigilant, and has single-handedly taken up The Vigilant and is keeping it alive. Turns in modules and fishbowls between events, and has great ideas for setting more diabolical traps. Does consistently great work and can lead NPC squads with aplomb!

Buddy Sellers
Denver was super impressed with Buddy and his crew from Utah, and we’re all looking forward to heading out to the new chapter to see what they can do on their home turf! He was tireless and always enthusiastic, just a real pleasure to work with!
“Buddy Guy Sellers was amazing.”
“Ryker and his NPC/PNPC? was just on par so much so I was convinced IC that this was a VERY deadly mission. That doesn't happen to me very often.”

Chris Fiene
Couldn’t make the whole event, and showed up Saturday night for the last several hours of the event to kick some ***, and eat some faces! Joined the Cult of Halixma as one of its ghouls. Jumped into the Pure Ones field battle at sunset as an excellent fighter, mid combat RP, energetic and happy to help.

Cody Holden
Vampire player, first time at Alliance. Studied days in advance of the event for A LOT of info to hand out as Zjardon Majestra, the Tattoo Rite Leader of the Cult of Halixma. Handled the role like a pro. Team Prometheus received MANY verbal compliments about Cody’s role and how smoothly he handled an interrogation – a scene that in Alliance is often fraught with many “I don’t knows” and calls for Marshals for the NPC to get more info, but not this time! Cody says he’d like to return to Alliance, so if you were impressed, please give him a shout out and a handshake with your encouragement!

Dan Begnoche
Cheerful, tireless, good worker and roleplayer. Understands things quickly and executes them very well. A pleasure to work with. You’ll be seeing him as a variety of ghouls, monsters from the Howling Woods, Town Guardsman, and maybe even squires in the future since he’s been claimed for Team Trace!

David Culp
A familiar face from old NERO days locally. David showed up cheerful, full of energy, and ready to jump in! Got a lot of amused comments about his possuming as a possumkin. David works on cruise ships with long trips out to sea, so he won't be back til next spring, but he’ll be back!
“David, for possuming possums and hungry plants.”

Derek Reed
A cornerstone of our NPC team, dependable, and we just love him to bits! Read in the briefing that we’d be playing drowned sailors on Friday night, and he showed up with this exceptional Ancient Mariner costume for the Friday night fight, and thus stepped into one of the roles of the Drowned Revenants with the locks all over them. He leads NPC squads with such a clear eye toward creating fun and is a massive help in keeping NPCs happy, hydrated and fed.

Dia Campbell
For those of us who switched from playing PCs last year to being part of the backstage team this year, we just can’t explain to you how much we now see that Dia does for this game. She volunteers often, enthusiastically, and throws herself into characterization and amazing costumes for her roles. Moreso, she’s a cheerful presence backstage, supporting and energizing everyone else backstage when she joins us.
“Dia always does a great job no matter what NPC she plays.”

Ian Moriarty
“Ian was working his butt off this game to swap between all of the elementals.”
“Ian for all his elemental NPCs.”

Isaac Sullivan
Isaac is First Officer on the Utah crew, and this guy is AMAZING! We’d welcome him back to Denver anytime he wants to join us. Pre-event, Isaac volunteered for the seemingly simple job of coordinating the glowstick eyes for the Ancient Mariner crew for the Friday night opening field battle. We dubbed him “Captain Cold” for the need to keep active cylume in the freezer until needed so it won’t run out. He took on tasks without being asked, seeing what needed to be done, and handling the small details – which, if you’ve ever worked backstage, you understand can often be a bigger deal than it seems. Utah is going to run like a well-oiled machine if Isaac is organizing over there!

John Bringe
John is a second-time NPC at Alliance, and a long-time table-top roleplayer and DM; he’s hooked! He stepped up for some longer-term roles, so you’ll be seeing more of Corporal Robert Walker in Team Prometheus’ effort to add some consistency to Town Guard roles. John studied up for the role for days before the event, and even made special costume and weapons for the character. Has a good eye for RP opportunities and soaks up roles quickly and effectively. He’s also been claimed for Team Trace so watch for him in further continuing roles as the season plays out.
“The portrayal of the corporal in charge of the new Town Guard recruits Friday night did a great job of leading them to their task and providing information, and then letting them do their thing.”

Jordan Jennings
Jordan is always an incredible help backstage, and we’re so grateful for his assistance whether that’s in combat as one of the best fighters in this chapter, in roleplaying settings as you say with his majesty as the Wild King in June, or backstage helping us get organized and run the monster desk where he really excels in organization and ability to inspire. WE LOVE JORDAN!
“The Lord of the Hunt was great. Also, he adds really good difficulty to any battle he is in.”
“Jordan, for pulling together something super quick for our small group.”
“Jordan making the King of the Hunt nice and weird and spooky.”
“The Horned King!!!!”

Karol Jolly
Always tireless and cheerful, hugging everybody. Infectious enthusiasm and makes a fantastic were-rat! Tath Fighting School, I think we’ll have a new student coming your way soon since it is time for this young padawan secret weapon to learn the ways of the masters!

L Henderson
From DR, first time at Alliance, wants to return, and we sure hope so! Super cheerful, very engaging and encouraging backstage. You’ll be seeing Kelly, the aspirant to the Town Guard, in the future, and we received several positive comments verbally about L in that role. During the meeting of the Cult of Halixma, this portrayer brought out a guitar and generated love songs in praise of Halixma on the fly!
“Portrayer of Kelly wishing to actually do something important with the Town Guard. That player did an AWESOME job and spoke directly to the desires of what my character wishes to do in his life.”

Miguel Alberto
“A particular shout out to Miguel and the other NPCs who helped set up the room of traps in the Curator mod. That was so much fun, and could not have been easy to set.”

Nicholas Syvertsen
This guy drove over 800 miles out from Minnesota just to NPC the Denver event! He had a great time and hopes to return, possibly as soon as our November season closer. Please give him a special thanks and shout out for going to that much effort! Did excellent work as a "Mugger" and brought back delightful reports of what went down IG. Full of energy, good cheer, and willing to jump into any role. We loved having Nick with us backstage, and look forward to welcoming him back into our crew again!

Nicole Weickert
Poor Nicole was suffering “Calculus brain” from the end of the semester this weekend, but that did not diminish her energy, sense of organization, and great instincts in issue spotting. Nicole has the instincts to make a great Marshal when she learns the rules system really well, and we look forward to that training process if Calculus allows!

Patrick Wielkiewicz
Patrick joined us from the Alliance Utah crew, and the Denver June event was his introduction to this style of weekend-long LARPing. We worry that we may have overwhelmed Patrick a bit with the experienced, but he soldiered on, and drank up as much experience and knowledge as he could during the opportunity. Thanks for joining us, Patrick, and we hope you had a great time with us as we did with you!

Quentin Toetz
Quentin consistently earns great remarks from our PCs about his excellence in roleplay. He’s stepping up backstage asking for some juicier continuing roles, and so you’ll see him in more exciting things in the future. Stop trying to steal him over to be a PC!!

Revan/Daniel "Endu" Lee
Revan is another new member of our crew for 2017, and someone who’s soaking up the game culture and story quickly, asking for more long-term roles. Revan is an excellent character actor whom you’ve met in Vincent’s fae storyline and a few other neat roles so far, but you’ll definitely see him cast in cooler things in the very near future. We’re super excited to work with Revan and get him into cooler, more prominent roles onstage soon!

Ronica Reilly
Ronica is the reason that the trains run on time. She single handedly organized all the costumes and kept them organized all event, and that is a monumental feat! Ronica is cheerful and engaging all weekend. What a pleasure to have her with us!

Steven Madison
Another first-time Alliance player come to us from an extensive history of roleplaying in Vampire. When Matt Squire was unfortunately unable to make the event, Steven stepped up to play the tattoo artist Taylor Miller from the Kazima Tattoo Parlor for the June story, as appreciated by PC comments below, and delivered otherwise verbally to Team Prometheus. Elsewhere, he stepped in to be a gas-throwing rogue for a blue-card mod, and Steven did really well for someone new to saying words and throwing orange things. We loved having super cheerful Steven with us, and hope he returns for bigger and more exciting things with us in Acarthia!
“Taylor the Tattooist - He portrayed a wonderful townsperson who just wanted to bring art to people, hitting some of the 'squicky' words that the cultists used, but quickly explained further in a way that didn't leave him seeming anything other than someone just trying to survive.”

Trace Moriarty
“Trace - Thank you, simply thank you.”
“Town Guardsman Jane - Perhaps only said out of irritation that people had not shown up as expected, but she said the words that were both cutting and educational to a learning squire.”

Vaughn Lauritzen
We have no idea where Vaughn came from, who brought him, but we LOVE this guy after just his first event! Vaughn has great energy, and a super sense of humor, and really kept our tired crew in great spirits backstage. Vaughn, please come back to join us again!

Siren Ebright
This first-time Alliance player amazingly turned tavern duty into a personality and information hotspot. Was amazing as "Vijer," the personal advisor to Duke Cosgrave, with excellence costuming creativity and make-up. Her roleplay helped make waiting in a quiet cabin for an hour into a great time. Meanwhile, when does Plot ever receive compliments about the excellence of roleplay from the person who’s helping get them water? We received one great comment after another about Siren’s performance as Khar in that role, and her kindness in taking care of our whole community last event. Watch for Siren in bigger and more exciting roles because we were SO impressed with her!
“Khar, who managed the deepest jug all day Saturday, maintained character perfectly and made sure people were taken care of.”

Vincent Tovar
“I really enjoy Vincent in any role.”
And doesn't everyone, really? :)

Thanks for all your feedback and kind remarks for our backstage crew,

Trace Moriarty
Team Prometheus
2017 Acarthia Plot


I'll add that the wererats for the Mirabelle's cave mod Saturday night were fantastic, especially the guy who did all the talking (I met him at the afterparty but I can't remember names for anything so I can't call out by name). It was a great roleplaying moment, my favorite of the weekend, and it couldn't have happened without them.