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Please Choose 2 (two) of your favorite NPCs for this event!

I would like to thank all the NPCs for this entire season for all the work they put into the game to make it the best it has been in quite some time! Without your efforts our stories would not be able to given the life they have been!


Abe was fantastic! Glad to have him out again. He was great as crunchies and fantastic as the angry Rodenzi daddy. Robyn was also fantastic with each of my interactions with her as Opiathus and Gabrielle.

Also props to Cory (DAM, Beholder), Katie (Queen Ava) and Jeff (the Rodenzi who I paralyzed and threatened for 5 minutes)


Who was the person we rescued that got really old but now can give us the ritual for converting reagents into different reagents and was also young again, but that might have been 2 NPCs?
I believe that was Robyn, and the character she was playing was Opiathas (both her old and young 'forms').
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