NPCs Wanted! - 2022 NPC and Monster Squad Policies

Alliance Wisconsin is excited to announce our official NPC policies for the coming season! Below are the expectations and compensations for both standard NPCs and our dedicated Monster Squad. Anybody with questions regarding NPCing, or who is interested in joining our monster squad please reach out to the Wisconsin Plot team at

Monster Squad:
These dedicated players commit to NPC for an entire season. The commitment of an entire season most likely will include an increased working knowledge of behind the scenes plot information as well as ability to organize their own signature or reappearing "named" monsters. Monster Squad players will have diverse experience or willingness to learn about: variance with players comfort and ability with various roleplay roles. As well as have diverse experience or willingness to learn complicated or large NPC cards, stats, and learning about ALW stating (mechanics of monster building, not just story) as well as approval for specific "on field" stat changing. All of which Leading to the possible portrayal of BBGs of various types. Monster Squad will have sign-up at the start of each season and typically be chosen in time for "The Monster Mash". Plot, Monster Masters and other Monster Squad will endeavor to help teach one another to become NPC Weapon Masters, developing player skills and comfort to ultimately be capable to drop into any role regardless of card, role play or weapon. Monster Squad members are expected to maintain at least 50% attendance for the season to remain on Monster Squad.

30gs for attending Monster Squad meetings or Plot meetings when invited/needed.
30gs for a completed pre-reg for events, and are required to do so just like PCs.
200gs per event - This amount increases by 10gs per event to a max of 300gs per event.
3 LCO Magic Item Picks
500gs Monster Squad Sign-on Bonus
75% attendance will award 500gs at the end of the season.
100% attendance will award 1 LCO Permanency or 1 LCO Preserves added to the Player's usage of Magic Item Picks from that season.
1-day events will earn Monster Squad "Weekend NPC" awards, not attending 1-day events does not count against Monster Squads Perfect Attendance percentage.

Weekend NPC:
The standard form of NPCs, these players have agreed in advance to NPC for an entire event. Weekend NPCs will encompass a willingness to learn about the wide world of NPCing for an event and portray anything from Crunchy#428, to lieutenant type NPC depending on player's comfort and combat skill. Weekend NPCs need to be "NPC eligible" by attending the annual Monster Mash, or ensure that they arrive early to the named event for weapons/combat check, event safety, and abridged alliance rules particularly the ones which will be showcased during that event as well as various LCO policies and effects. Weekend NPCs will typically utilize the players preferred weapon, Florentine, or specific mods which showcase the need to use a not-preferred weapon the player is capable of still fighting safely with.

30gs for a completed pre-reg for events, and are required to do so just like PCs.
180gs for the weekend
2 LCO magic Item Picks

Prime Time NPC:
Sometimes there will be a particular mod, or IG event which plot would like to have extra NPCs for. In these cases there will be a signup sheet for PCs who are willing to join the NPC side for an estimated 4 hours. The exact time will be more closely estimated per need/event and listed on the sign up sheet. This sheet can be found at Logistics during event sign in. This time will be such that those volunteering players were clearly separated from the rest of the adventuring community doing some action or quest which contributes positively to the overarching story in question. These shifts are considered "1 offs" and may not always be needed and if multiple shifts are needed, the staff will endeavor to fill them by different players so that a player is only ever NPCing for that listed time. Exceptions and unforeseen situations may arise and those awards will be unique to those situations. Volunteering Player must be "NPC Eligible" or attended PC talk for the start of game to cover event safety and abridged alliance rules particularly the ones which will be showcased during the event as well as various LCO policies and effects. Prior to Prime Time, the Master of Monsters or the plot team will go over their preferred weapon and any needed NPC education.

120gs and 1 LCO Magic Pick

Adventure NPC (1-day Event NPCs):
These NPCs follow largely the same guidelines & Awards as "Prime Time NPC". If needed, a sign-up sheet will be at the logistics desk during event sign in and largely follow all other guiding principles as "Prime Time NPC"s. Those who Pre-Reg as NPC for Adventure Days, they have committed to single 4 hour shift, however how/when that shift happens will be scheduled by plot.

30gs for completed NPC CMA Pre-Reg.
If a player is asked and agrees to 8 hour (IE the entire event) - they receive the "Weened NPC" awards.

Shift NPCs:
These NPCS have aren't typically pre-arranged for specific or special "prime-time" events. Usually players who wish to help out, or simply take a break from PCing for whatever reason. Players are able to schedule a shift during pre-reg in advance of the event itself. Any remaining shifts will have a sign up sheet at logistics during check in. Shifts are available in 4 hour time blocks, but may be less at the Plot Teams discretion.

100gs and a 5minute meeting with 1 chapter NPC of the players choice to take place at the next event the character is played. (Signing up for a shift during pre-reg can potentially allow the meeting to take place that same event.)