Oak of the Archmage spell strike options


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Additionally, such a character may expend a Signature Spell from memory to swing with the call "X Spell Strike <Effect>", where X is the damage of the Signature Spell and <Effect> is the effect appropriate to the expended Signature Spell.
  1. Does the expended Signature Spell have to match the aspect of the Oak element selection? That is, if I select Healing, I can't Spell Strike an Ice Bolt from memory?
  2. Does the expended Signature Spell's element have to match the Oak element selection? That is, if I select Fire, I can't Spell Strike an Ice Bolt from memory?
The text doesn't address these. I expect the answer for 1 is "Yes, the spell must be the same aspect". The answer for 2 is less clear, but should probably also be "Yes, the spell must be the same element" - if you want to strike multiple elements, take multiple Oak selections.

Edit: Made clauses agree about what yes/no means.
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I would agree that the text isn’t clear regarding Aspect in this part, though I suspect the final rulebook will have a general entry that addresses it. Something like “All High Magic abilities that link with spells or channeling must match in aspect.”


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Has there been an official answer on this question yet by ARC? After seeing that this had not been answered yet, I asked in my local chapter, who has referred me back here, as the argument c

Grammatically, you can Channel only a specific element, however can spellstrike any element of signature spells. But it seems "thematically" that this may not have been the intent. Regardless of the outcome, can the ARB be updated with clarifying language to support the ARC decision?
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I've been pretty good about interpreting ARC's intent so far, so I'm in agreement with your interpretation of the rules, Ken; you can't Spell Strike a Signature Spell through Oak of the Archmage if the Aspect doesn't match (Healing/Chaos Spell Strikes require Healing or Chaos Channeling, SLIF Spell Strikes require a SLIF Channel), but you can Spell Strike any applicable choice through an appropriate Aspect Oak (choosing Flame will still let you Spell Strike Lightning or Ice, for example).

This is fairly consistent with all other High Magic; Aspect must match, but Carrier within that Aspect is mutable.


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While I completely agree with you, and it is how I am encouraging others to use it for the moment. As reading all the other stuff in 2.12, it seems as if this would have been the intent. But that isn't what it actually says.

The issue with "interpreting ARC" is that interpretation is left open to anyone anywhere, and they may not always agree. When such disagreements of interpretation arise, the book becomes the arbiter. Currently the book does not support what many feel is the likely intent. Which is why I brought it up locally, and was directed here.