Ocean Tablets Translated

On Friday Night, we collected tablets from the ancient Triton city that spoke about the way they had previously defeated Ris'sunus. Penn, Rangar, Bluewolf and I were able to get it decyphered pretty fast. Here is the translation of all 8 tablets.

In the darkest depths of the ancient ocean dwelled the Inkanyamba, a huge, cruel, and despicable beast driven by malice and hatred. He was the last of his kind from faraway waters, and he sought to rule the ocean and shape its denizens to match his wickedness. But while the strength of the Inkanyamba was great, it was not enough to overcome the other great denizens beneath the waves, and his efforts for oceanic rule failed time after time.

At the same time, the oceanid known as the Lady of Light prowled the ocean. She was also the last of her kind, a creature that hid her wickedness behind a veil of stunning beauty and blinding light, using her wiles to befriend and then betray lesser beings for her own gain. Both the Lady of Light and the Inkanyamba sought the goal of ruling the sea, but when they finally came to conflict with each other along their individual paths to rule, they instead fell deeply in love.

The two learned that together, they had the chance to achieve their dreams. To that end, the Lady of Light and the Inkanyamba not only joined forces, but bonded their bodies and spirits with one another. Unified as a new entity that took the form of a great anglerfish with the body of the Inkanyamba and the lure of the Lady of Light, they declared themselves as Ris’sunus, the Light of the Depths. The might of Ris’sunus was far greater than the sum of its two parts, and they began to assert their control over the seas and crush all opposition.

The innocents of the ocean cried out for aid to quell the threat of Ris’sunus as it grew, and they knew that if there were any that would answer, it would be the three Watchers of the Sea, the ancient and greatest protectors of the water. Ris’sunus had grown so strong that their power eclipsed even that of the individual Watchers, but they still would be no match for the combined strength of the three Watchers and their Carnadrin working in tandem.

They beseeched the first Watcher of the Sea, Terramera the Bastion. An enormous turtle serving as the shield of the ocean, Terramera channeled her perfect shell and focused the power of her Carnadrin into a barrier to contain and nullify even the most powerful attacks of Ris’sunus.

They next beseeched the second Watcher of the Sea, Holarix the Pentacontapod. An enormous crustacean serving as the sword of the ocean, Holarix channeled his many claws and focused the power of his Carnadrin into a vicious offensive strike to pierce the shields protecting Ris’sunus.

They last beseeched the third Watcher of the Sea, Wallamog the Smack. A vast hivemind of countless jellyfish drifting far and wide to oversee all corners of the ocean, Wallamog channeled their swarm and focused the power of their Carnadrin into a serene peace to overcome the havoc created by Ris’sunus.

Wielding the three Carnadrin of the Watchers of the Sea, the people of the sea rallied to face Ris’sunus once and for all. The battle was great, but Ris’sunus could not overcome the power of the unified Watchers. The attack with the Carnadrin successfully severed the unity between the two halves of Ris’sunus, breaking their power and reducing them back to the two weaker beings they had once been. The Lady of Light was destroyed in the battle, her illumination forever extinguished, and the wounded Inkanyamba fled back to the trenches at the bottom of the ocean, its dreams destroyed and never to trouble the sea again.

Lorelei Beinae-Stormwolf
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