October 2017 Logistical Needs

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    Hi everyone!

    If your name appears on this list, please bring or be prepared to discuss the requested items at check-in. Check-in will occur from 6-10 PM in Cabin 1, in the little side room on the right; after 10 PM, please find me in-game. I play Baron Darius Rivervale, the hobling wearing green and white.

    Any payments can be handled via PayPal (http://www.alliancedenver.com/payment---logistics.html) or cash on-site. Logistics can accept cash or checks, but not credit cards.

    Legal releases can be found on our website at (http://www.alliancedenver.com/legal-release.html)

    As always, if there are any questions or comments, let me know and I'll get things straightened out!
    • ALL Players: Magic item tag check, spell/recipe book check
    • ALL Spellcrafting: formal scroll, components
    • Jennifer Allgood: membership renewal ($30), armor evaluation
    • Emily Bredow: yearly membership ($30)
    • Jon Catamas: membership renewal ($30)
    • Mark Chamberlin: legal release, armor evaluation, weapon type
    • Rich Clark: 1 gold, 8 silver
    • Ethan Cline: $25, legal release, armor evaluation, weapon type
    • Alexander Conner: legal release, event fee ($25), armor evaluation
    • Cassie Cornett: membership renewal ($30)
    • Jeremy Daniels: membership renewal ($30)
    • Rachelle Erickson: legal release, weapon type, armor evaluation
    • Chris Fiene: 6 silver
    • Sariah Ford: legal release
    • Paola Garcia: 11 gold, 6 silver, 5 copper
    • Noland Gregory: membership renewal ($30), late fee ($10)
    • Christian Gunderson: legal release
    • Ivie Hunt: legal release, armor evaluation
    • James Hunt: legal release, armor evaluation
    • Porter Hunt: legal release, armor evaluation
    • Quaid Hunt: legal release, armor evaluation
    • Ryland Hunt: legal release, armor evaluation, production discussion
    • Brian Johnson: legal release
    • Barbara Martin: legal release
    • Michael Messmer: membership renewal ($30)
    • Raymond Milczewski: event fee ($50)
    • Padme Miren: armor evaluation
    • Merrick Moriel: yearly membership ($30), event fee ($70), armor evaluation
    • Paul Mosher: 1 silver
    • Paul Mosher, Sr: legal release
    • Ryan Mosher: legal release, armor evaluation, refund for dinner
    • Curtis Newbrough: late fee ($10)
    • Rose Patriquen-Gregory: membership renewal ($30)
    • Adara Piper-Webber: event fee ($50)
    • Gabrielle Piper-Webber: event fee ($50), pre-reg discussion
    • Isis Piper-Webber: event fee ($50)
    • Trayvin Piper-Webber: event fee ($50)
    • Shalyn Rankin: legal release
    • Jack Reed: membership renewal ($30)
    • Nick Reimer: $70
    • Briannon Roberts: membership renewal ($30)
    • Ryan Rumsey: yearly membership ($30)
    • Scions: 3 silver
    • Christian Scott: late fee ($10)
    • Buddy Sellers: 1 silver
    • Lauren Steinke: late fee ($10), build discussion
    • Mike Strauss: 2 silver, weapon type
    • Sarah Talley: yearly membership ($30)
    • Marc Trexler: 11 gold, 8 silver
    • Leora Wambach: $70
    • Warchester: 1 gold
    • Jerilyn Winstead: membership renewal ($30)
    • Casey Yeager: $2
    • Carly Zapata: legal release, armor evaluation, event fee ($25)
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  2. Siren Aspen

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    Emily Bredow will not be attending this event.
  3. p.richard

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    Paul Iverson is not on this list? Hmmm... i would like to be?
  4. Macmccammon

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    Hi there Paul! We never received a pre-reg from you, or a character transfer request from Utah. As it is the day of the event, that may not be doable at this point; however, if you have access to the online database, please print off a copy of your character card and we can handle your check-in on-site.
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