October 29 Event Teaser

To His Royal Majesty King Jonas Dawnkeeper IV,
Seasons changing here just like back home. Wont be long now before the first frost sets in and here we are, trapped who knows where for who knows how long. I knew when I signed up for this that there was bound to be challenges, but I didn’t expect things to go to hell quite this quick. Still, these adventurers seem to know what they’re doing. We might be in an awful spot right now but people seem hopeful. I see folk who’ve never lifted a hammer before working dawn till dusk to get what needs doing done without a word of complaining. I think you’d be proud of what we’ve got built here in so little time. Its small, but it’s a solid base for the future. Who knows, with a bit of luck we might even be able to call ourselves a proper town before the ground freezes over. There’s still a lot to do of course. Whole world to explore, (hopefully friendly) people to meet, monsters to kill. Would be easier to write you a list of what doesn’t need doing honestly, but with a bit of luck we might actually make it through without any unrecoverable losses.

Remind me if I ever make it back home to have you treat me to a drink while I’ll tell you all about the giant feathered lizard monsters that live around here.

Ever Loyal, Forman Oliver