October event 2016 favorites

So I think some of you who attended had some fun, I am glad you made it and did.
I would like to thank Jesse, Liam, Lauren, mike and brian for thier help with the event and running around kicking ***, you guys rock.
Thanks gary for jumping fence.
Also thanks to dustin and adam for helping me set up the mod building before the event.
And thanks to those who helped put it all away and clean up the 98 balloon massacre remnents on Sunday.
So now that is out of the way, Lets see those favorites!!

Some of mine are,
Banshees on sunday
the riddle path Saturday night. handing the clothes pins to jaque then when the pcs got to the end, flipping that last board over and he went ****, seeing he had to put all the answers in order.
gary being way to into using the tentacles. it was so funny.
spawning from spider web that had gotten caught on pcs.

thanks for the fun times everyone
who knows, you might see some of the props again mwhahahahaha


New Hampshire Staff
Thank you npc for a fantastic time and Rachel for writing a amazing event everything was well put together and the prop were fantastic

As much as it sucks to have a very small pc count i think the small event are some of my fav event all together

so 330 drains ever and a Transform to great undead scroll glad i got a bad guy starter kit in my pocket :)

Training sessions with Heresy,Gebous (sp?), Dedalius and Joshua

Fen taking one for the team ......multiple times sorry you were a bundle of hurt after the balloons brother

Life energy strands go figure i can yank them out of people thank you mike for the awesome encounter and Ren for doing a Awesome job rping the distraught lycanthrope

Pumpkin mob ...all of it nothin creeps you out more then watching a mob suck down pools of wellspring water and transform

the convo about how if we really needed fresh salad we might be able to go to The captain and he will take us on a adventure to get some...sometime adventurers go to far

killing a undead through a prison with a playing card .....i felt like Gambit

as bound as it sound watching Wills stomach curdle from a good 70 feet away when he discovered the hard way dedalius had a Vengance.....

all things Violet that bow is awesome and i want it race change me to a brownie

Im sure there are many more that i could post here and when more come to mind i probably will but that you all for a great event and i hope to see you in Nov :)