October event pre-reg

Discussion in 'Ashbury: Out of Game' started by Mike Ventrella, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. John

    John Artisan

    Did you get my payment Mike?
  2. I just forwarded it now.
  3. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

    Unless you used a different name? It's not coming up when I search
  4. John

    John Artisan

    It went out on Sept 23. I have the transaction number through pay pal if you need it or I can forward the confirmation email.
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  5. John

    John Artisan

    Email sent.
  6. OleanderSky

    OleanderSky Artisan New Hampshire Staff Diversity Committee Marshal

    I just paid my single event membership and the event. Time for Maluhia's annual adventure.

    Will there be any sort of shift sign up in light of the light NPC numbers at this time? I wear a lot of makeup but could do a bit of time before bed and sleep with a clean face for once.
  7. Aggravain

    Aggravain Fighter Owner HQ Staff

    Plkease note mike I will not be at this event. Ill be on vacation. please remove me from the npc list.
  8. I thought the earth room is always reserved for cass and dave who do all of the cooking because of cass's bad health. Where are they to sleep in quiet when she is in pain, that is a close walk to the kitchen?
  9. I just got from mike cass and dave are staying in the circle not the earth room as usual.
  10. Nuheran

    Nuheran Newbie

    Sorry for the late notice, but you can add the following for this weekends adventures to the NPC list:

    - Buddy Harris
    - Katie Mott
    - Will Mott

    I might have a 4th person coming, but they haven't confirmed.

    See you all this weekend :)
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  11. Bolli

    Bolli Newbie

    Hey Gabe Obermayer here. I'll be showing up to PC as Bolli and paying at the door.

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