October event pre-registration CLOSED

1. Heidi Hooper (Zat)
2. Joseph Siegel
3. Robb Graves (Nathan Westwind)
4. Bill Gibbs (Amaranthus)
5. Eric Stehle (Leaf)
6. John Perkins (Altohtaro Armand) + $5 food donation
7. Francis Coyne
8. Kris Kitts (Abbath)
9. Erika Noach (Kailani)
10. Emily O'Neil (Valeria)
11. Eric Bowsfield
12. Brian Whitham + $5 food donation
13. Samantha Bertrand + $10 food donation
14. Henrt Hart
15. Craig Fiske (Qiu Jun-Wu) + $5 food donation
16. Samara Martin (Irina)
17. Sean Metzler
18. Mike Guarino (Ketemycos)
19. Susie Guarino (Alda)
20. Danielle Wilson
21. Dave Ehrhart (Khorwyn Brey) + $10 food donation
22. Scott Kondrk (Lucien)
23. Kevin Bertrand
24. Jordan Krebs (Cyno)
25. Illana Navas
26. Eric Gibson
27. Joshua Berit
28. Elizabeth Wallace
29. Evan Tessier + event membership + $5 food donation
30. Kelsey Desrosiers + event membership + $5 food donation
31. Christine Kasmar (Agari)
32. Frisco Cruise
33. Michael Gilleo
34. Danielle Darwell
35. Robert Kinlen
36. Luke Goldsmith (Valím Bloodclub) + $5 food donation
37. Maryellen Schoedel (Nimien 'Jaq' Evenspark)
38. Willow Achtermann (Victoria Galloway)
39. Dan Mckiernan
40. Scott Babcock (Castlebur)
41. Michelle Stagnitta (Ezri) + $5 food donation
42. Drew Resele (Rowan)
43. Nicole Angelo
44. Frank Willig
45. Tracey Smith (Thurisaz)
46. Lauren Webb
47. Richard Hartzell + event membership
48. Jim Sailer (Tempest)
49. George Messina
50. Damon Brundige (Dominic)
51. Austin Nunnally
52. Sarah Heimbach

1. Donna Hellmuth
2. Ben Schoedel
3. Collin Babcock
4. Ashley Thomas
5. Dom Alioto
6. Michael Duetzmann
7. Caleb Valentin
8. Rocky Weintrob
9. Gabe Obermayer
10. Eirik Kunz
11. Patrick Diflorio
12. Trisha Singh
13. Akiva Blickstein
14. Dan Gelerman
15. Nick Browne
16. Dave DeMartino
17. Jamie Radhaykissoon
18. Miranda Yates
19. Melissa Guertin
20. Britney Sirois
21. Tom Hoover
22. Perry Burden

Phoenix: Ash Forest
Gryphon: Gilded Claw
Dragon: Willow and friends
Pegasus: Blythedale
Gargoyle: Corrheim

Fire: Joe Siegel
Water: Kris Kitts
Earth: Henry Hart
Air: Bill Gibbs

Note on housing: Cabins are free as long as you have at least four people pre-registered to reserve one. Private rooms are $40. There is also a common room with six beds (not listed here) which is first-come, first-served and you don't have to pay extra for.
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Bill to PC Amaranthus. I'll be in Air.


Paid!! ^-^
- John Perkins / Altohtaro Armand
(look forward to seeing Leaf!)
Henry would like to use his event credit from October to PC Qualin and one private room. Thanks


oh! I need to update! Maryellen Schoedel to PC (not NPC)! -squee- Now I just gotta figure out how to pay and what not... >.>


Sent you a FB message Maryellen on how to pay.


Kris Kitts paid to PC Abbath and to reserve Water.


Emily O'Neil PCing Valeria!
Sean Metzler Pre Logged to play Prolon.


A few cars full of NPCs are going to come down from Binghamton University! So far, the following people have told me they are coming:

Caleb Valentin
Rocky Weintrob
Gabe Obermayer
Eirik Kunz
Patrick Diflorio
Trisha Singh
Akiva Blickstein
Dan Gelerman
Nick Browne


NEPA Staff
Kyle to play Grim. I'll pay at the door.


NEPA Staff
Also corrheim for gargoyle please