October event pre-registration CLOSED

A few cars full of NPCs are going to come down from Binghamton University! So far, the following people have told me they are coming:

Caleb Valentin
Rocky Weintrob
Gabe Obermayer
Eirik Kunz
Patrick Diflorio
Trisha Singh
Akiva Blickstein
Dan Gelerman
Nick Browne

Paid for Evan "Big Poppa" Tessier and Kelsey "Let's Eat!!!" Desrosiers, plus food dollars.
Paid for Evan "Big Poppa" Tessier and Kelsey "Let's Eat!!!" Desrosiers, plus food dollars.

Does this mean Abbath gets to quietly adore Sevaria again?
This is all I ever wanted.
NOPE. Kelsey Desrosiers to PC Harpia L'ar.
Elizabeth Wallace, Robert Kinlen, Danielle Darwell, Michael Gillieo paid for can we please have Gryphon Cabin.
Luke Goldsmith to PC Valím Bloodclub. Also sent $5 for food.
I'll be there Sat evening...hopefully a bit earlier than last month.
I can't believe I'm actually paying so early....this is amazing!
Sarah Heimbach to pc Rayna! Might need to pay at the door, but hoping to pay by Sunday!
Hey there, could Ash Forest (me, Sam, Jordan and Mich) nab Phoenix cabin? Thanks!!
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Hi, I'm Willow Achtermann and I just pre-reg'd to play Victoria Galloway.
Perkins, Luke, Christine and I would like the Dragon cabin, if that's a possibility, please? He hasn't pre-reg'd, but we're throwing Jeremy in there, as well.
Frank Willig to PC Huleen.
"Duckie" Hartzell to PC Winterthorn Satyrsbane.
Pre-reg payments for myself and Sarah H. just sent in.
A huge thanks to the Bing crew for coming down again! We <3 you!

However, I still encourage our PCs to consider doing an NPC shift to help us entertain everybody. We'll be needing the extra bodies in camp and would be extremely grateful to those who help!
Please add Tom Hoover to our Npc list.