October Favorites


I cannot say enough about the people who write these stories. You guys are amazing and your imaginations are incredible.

NPCs...you always amaze me, more and more with every event.

Vampire charmed in the tavern with Deborah.

Akanis, Deb and I in the tavern after the entire town just left. In walks Dan's vampire char with 8 other NPCs and I'm thinking "well, we're dead" :shock:

Finding out about Artisan paragon packages!! (thank you Hava!)

Getting paid my first platinum coins. Yeah why are there " "s around the amount?

Oscar: "you all need to calm your minds and open them"
Gebous: "I need a gold"

Watching TatterCloak and townsfolk play tag.

Just about to open my peach pie and we are told that we feel engulfed by a sense of hopeless doom. "Die with pie!"

too many fun moments...had a great time!
DANGIT that last post was NOT Deborah it was Jena...I forgot she was logged on.


New Hampshire Staff
Thank you staff and NPCs for pulling off a good show while understocked on NPCs.
I had a good time hitting nerds and being sad.

-The mod when Thrak made questionable choices regarding who to drag into the Deadlands to kill undead. Are you sure we don't need a healer who has Life spells? Really sure? Okay, let's go kick some undead in the face and try really hard to not die. "Minions!"

-The dragonkin crunch in the field. I hate running and I especially hate doing it in the woods, but that was an entertaining opportunity to try doing it anyway. Good fight, good workout.

-All the silliness after Tattercloak and his friends showed up and before things hit the fan. The world is going to hell and everything is terrible, but there's still time for tag. And time to get kicked right in the feelings when his friends were corrupted.


Oh man, oh man. This weekend was pretty fantastic, and I'm so glad to have seen everyone! Thank you NPCs and staff!

- Walking into the tavern just as staff had announced to everyone that they felt a sense of impending doom. Worst. Timing. Ever.
- As everyone grimly marches to the murdered elves, I get told privately "You feel great about whatever it is you're heading towards."
- Teacher RP! The RP and world-building aspects of the teacher skill are a lot of fun for me, and I hope that everyone I taught enjoyed it!
- Sevaria offering to teach Caillen how to be better at interrogation, and offering a ride to the Maelstrom isle. It made what happened in Legacy that much sadder.
- Blasting undead with curses and healing, and taking out both George's caster and Bill's mummy in one swoop with a combo of silence and purify.
- "well, shucky darn!"
- Caillen's transformation and being forced to work for Legacy. Freaking out a bit as I tried to determine what to do and how to RP the shift in Caillen's personality. To quote Jade Harley: "I'm the worst villain ever!"
- RP with Chithiss and Sun Li Kai
- Tearoff fight!
- Being a deepspawn, and the phenomenal RP when the woven were corrupted and turned into horrors by the presence of the deepspawn and parasite.
- The collective "oh ****" when the parasite latched onto the Withering Knight.


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for letting me come play with you all and for putting up with my forgetting half the rules in the game :D I had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time and I can't wait until next event.