Of titles and nobility, the lay of the Wildlands.


We have learned much of about Wildlands in the last few weeks. I have no doubt that our presence is already changing the landscape around us, we tend to walk with heavy feet. It would serve us well to take stock of what we know about these lands. I thought it correct to start with what we know about the nobility and rulers that surround us. Here is an abbreviated list of the peerage in this land, such as I can remember it. I will offer the most humble of apologies to any that I may have forgotten or named incorrectly.

Should any of our allies travel here from Old Gaden, you would do well to know that we are in the lands of His Grace Duke Albatross of the Duchy of Ravensong.

We keep mainly to the estates of His Excellency Baron Petrus.

Also with us are His Excellency Baron Mogra'mel, and his man Lord Silverleaf. These two, along with a company of their soldiers, traveled to these lands from Old Gaden.

We have based ourselves in the area surrounding the Stream and Willow, owned by Lady Johanna Brooks.

Squire Fiona is now Sera Fiona by order of Baron Petrus.

Two others among us seek to join the noble houses here;
-Cup Bearer Keranna in service to his grace Duke Albatross
-Cup Bearer Zihr in service to Lord Silverleaf

Again I apologize if I have misnamed or forgotten any of these honorable people.

Ohh ohh, is the Duke a biata, cause albatross are birds.

He's a human from all reports, Kuyak.

Also I think it's kinda interesting that when we first got here our welcome commitee told us there was no organized hierarchy except the fae causing trouble and the 3 guilds. I get that Lord Silverleaf and such traveled with us...but how come he didn't know about this Duke or Baron? They didn't come with us, did they?


Duke Albatross is native to these lands. Baron Petrus is from Old Gaden and he has been landed and his title recognized by the Duke.

The balance of the nobles that I mentioned traveled to these lands from our Gaden.

It occurs to me that Sir Theaden and his squire, Squire William, accompanied the people of Pella's Wish through the portal opened by Herbalist Gillia. I would assume they intend to stay in the area in order to help their people put down roots here.

Does Duke Albatross have people under him that did not come with us from Old Gaden?

I haven't yet met any vassals of the Duke that hail from these lands.

Has anyone else met any other members of the peerage that haven't been mentioned?
Were we able to mark any of these Noble's lands or estates on our map?


You mentioned a map, so we have acquired a layout of the continent? That's a good step. So, perhaps it will be wise to meet with the 3 guilds in question.

I know I’ve seen the map, but perhaps someone who has it can dream the map here for all to see.

- Asher