Off on business.


Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

Hope you all are in good health and good spirits!

I have been called away on business and will not be around for a bit to see to your needs in the Five Crowns. However, other members of the Collective will be around and they most certainly can help you.

With that, also please remember the rules of the market:

1) We are not liable for lost and stolen goods.

2) No fighting, take all sparing outside.

3) Keep all teaching to verbal instruction only, otherwise see rule number two.

4) No ritual casting in the Five Crowns.

For more details, please ask a member of the Collective.

These rules are here for everyone's safety as they visit the Market.

Please rember that the building gets crowded, and space get a right. Watch where your weapons are sticking out and that you are not knocking people's things off the tables.

As well the Five Crowns is a place of business, personal and public. If people politely tell you they are having a private conversation, please respect them and leave them be.

In general, please just be respectful of those around you.

I will be back as soon as my business in concluded.

Master Brayden