Official Announcement from Sadeen Moor

Sadeen Moor stands proud this day as the last vestiges of fear and chaos are swept from its streets. Let it be known that the terrorist organization known as the Quiet Ones have been crushed, and the tattered remains of the 42nd driven from our lands. My eternal gratitude to the brave men and women of this country for their unwavering courage in the face of such vile betrayers. At this time, martial law is lifted. Commerce and travel may renew, though our borders shall remain tightly patrolled to ensure no additional attacks take place.

It is with heavy heart that I announce the discovery of the permanent death of Pure Lord Pearl Berith, whose body was found in the rubble of her home in Bresal Etarlam. We shall miss her wisdom on the Council. This ill news is tempered somewhat by the reinstatement of Pure Lord Julian Trask and Pure Lord Confidence Botis to the Council with full rank and privilege befitting their station.

Let it also be known that Quon Harkonnen has been stripped of rank and title after he savagely attacked the retinue of Partisans sent to relieve him of duty after his abysmal and utterly unforgivable negligence leading up to the terrorist attacks on our beloved nation. In his place, by unanimous vote, is our new Lord Partisan Aisling Maddinagh, who has served this Council and Nation with unparalleled loyalty, courage, and diligence. It is also by unanimous decision by the remaining Council of Pure Lords, that stewardship of Sadeen Moor be granted to Pure Lord Joseph Shaw. It has been made clear in the years following the death of Good Father that insidious and poisonous elements have been eroding the very foundations of our way of life. That ends now. The Lie of Magic will gain no foot hold nor its practitioners given refuge in our lands.

We thank our allies for their assistance during these troubling times, and look forward to many more years of continued peace.

May the Truth light your way,

Pure Lord Joseph Shaw, Steward of Sadeen Moor