Official Proclamation of the Greater Guild Moot in the month of Azthrayir 1008


Gettysburg Staff
Several items of concern have been brought to our attention surrounding the standing head of Apothecary Brotherhood Local 1497, Vox.

Information, summary, and request for evaluation was provided to us by members of Local Apothecary 1497.

Let it be known that the Apothecary Brotherhood has determined the following:

1) Vox has done great harm to Apprentice Kailani of Order of the Earth Local 1251 by enslaving a portion of her mind for his own personal use and dictation. We view this as a capital offense.

2) Vox has fostered significant ill-repute of our Guild, including underhanded attempts during Official Guild Sanctioned Missions. We view this as half a capital offense.

3) The Guild recognizes two items.

First: Vox was found guilty of an offense viewed as capital in a land through the mists. Not only a capital offense, but an initial one which required an obliteration ritual.

Second: We as a Guild recognize that justice varies and deviates from land to land past our mistwalkers. Individual instances of sentences carried out through the mist will be evaluated before judgement passed, with information and input from the local chapters most frequented by the member in question.

Thus, as an obliteration is a great tolled judgement, we view his obliteration through the mists (based on evaluation of Vox’s actions) as half a capital offense in and of itself.

It is with great sadness that we learn of such an individual working their way into a fledgling Guild House and causing such damage to the membership and its standing in the community. The Guild Masters of Apothecary Brotherhood Local 250, 684, 972, 984, and 1120 have held Moot and as such have made the following decisions:

* The Individual known as Vox has been stricken from the roster of the Apothecary Brotherhood.

* The Guild Bank reserves for Vox will be turned over to the Local Apothecary 1497 guild's treasury.

We, the convened Guild Master Moot of the Apothecary Brotherhood, wish Local 1497 the best in its efforts to build good will and reestablish itself within the community.


Rakund Moshqua Local 250
Serina Tubel Local 684
Perak Inaent Local 972
Rilien Chepwar Local 984
Alvien Kornegal Local 1120