Oh my.. Its so good to be back.

Well hello to some of my most favorite peoples. I am delighted to report that after a dismal winter in the brutal wartorn lands of Icenia, the foggy "mist" as you seem to call it has let poor old Charlais return back home. I am doubly delighted to say that my stocks of ale and other fine liquors have been restocked and I will be resuming my travels. I do ever so hope that our paths cross shortly, and our reunions are expressed ..mmm.. deeply. Untill then my lovelies ta-ta and stay safe.

-Charlais mac Quintella
I wondered where you have been Charley, I have been to Barran twice and did not see you either time.
Chulainn! My fine fur faced foxy fellow! How have you been? So sorry for my unintentional disappearing act, it seems I am not apt for fog travel, or mist walking, or whatever you quaint foreigners call it. Rest assured I am safe, and have NO plans on leaving anytime soon. I do hope we can get some alone time to talk and maybe a little petting later this week. If we do cross paths come and see me, I will have a drink waiting for you. Untill then be good, if you can.
-charlais mac quintella


Wait...fox? I didn't catch the name of whoever the fox is, but do you know him Charlais? It's not that I don't like predators or anything like that....it's just that I really kinda prefer to have an idea of how many of them will be around and what they are like, because sometimes that can be misunderstandings if we meet and I don't know what's going on.


Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee

It vill be good to zee you again! I 'ave no zeen you zince ve vere in ze vierd place.


Chulainn is a no a fox kin. Zat iz just a zilly thing zat Charlie calls
im I guess.

Jeyhu, Chulainn is not a fox-kin. He is a Gorbe. Charlais was just being funny. And although a Gorbe is probably a predator to you, I assure you that Chulainn is a good man and I'm sure would only attack you if you give him a good reason.

Charlais, I was wondering what happened to you over the winter! My husband and I came to Geistbadden last month and was quite disappointed that you weren't there in the tavern. It will be good to see you again, my friend! I believe I have a quiver or two of bolts with your name on them if you have need.
Jeyhu, we met last gathering, I was the Gorbe with Kabuk. Charlie it is good you are safe, But I don't do petting.
Oh, dear..

It seems my colorful cornucopia of capacious and comical comments continue to confuse and captivate at the same time. My apologies. New friend Jehyu, I did not mean to alarm you. I merely compare dear Chulainn to a fox for his characteristics of being of both feral beauty and his ability to constantly allude me. He is quite safe, provided you have done nothing to warrant is deadly attention. Oh, sweet and lovely Lanna! I am very much looking forward to seeing you again and engaging in very,...mmm.. stimulating conversations. I do so love the way your people speak, and hope to hear much of your delicious dialect throughout the gather. Rayna! ah ta ta, look at me playing the poor host, naughty, I feel so ashamed. I promise to make amends to you and your husband both for my tardiness. Please come see me on the first night you arrive, I shall split between you a very, very special treat...

Until that time my dear friends, fare falling.
- Charlais mac Quintella


Chulainn Stoneclaw said:
Jeyhu, we met last gathering, I was the Gorbe with Kabuk. Charlie it is good you are safe, But I don't do petting.
Oh! I remember you, I really appreciated that you were so calm, a lot of Sa...um Gorbe tend to move suddenly a lot and that makes me nervous, I know it shouldn't but it still kinda does.

Did you want me to make ya anything for the next Gathering? I think I've got some...um...blacksmithing left I haven't used yet. otherwise I think I got orders for everything else I can do


The chocolate wine you brought to Brittington.

If you keep it in my cup, I'll keep silver in your pocket.

Laguna Hallik
Jehyu, I'm always calm till you put me in a fight, then things change. Thank you for your offer, but I am a Smith as well.
Laguna, I shall make every endeavor to keep you floating in a chocolet wine haze if you so wish, I do indeed have many bottles in stock!

Oh a seperate note/plea it seems that the mist enjoys reading, or it could be I misplaced it again, but I seem to be missing my alchemy book.. If anyone would be so kind as to let me use theirs early on the first night I would owe you a favor. And a favor from me can be a powerfull thing.



Hail to you! My name is Tvard and I know we have not yet met, but I could not help but "overhear" you. I have recently traveled through C'Naeus, the Rothedran homelands, and have gathered several of my people's interesting brews. Perhaps we might meet so that we might exchange a word on the finer qualities of beer and other libation? We may even have cause to exchange some of our beverages, if one has not tried the other's.

I do not wish to impose on your advertisement, though I must express my earnest excitement at having another lover of libation present when I might arrive to Geistbadden!


HQ Staff
While I enjoy being a drunk and a good brewer is always welcome it seems most of these people forgot to warn you to where you may just end up. Geistbadden is full of necromantic fucks that like to play at being commoners and beastmen (they're just ******* animals that can walk and are nothing like the Shahbanu or Wild Ones of Barran, they have no thought and will kill you just to eat you). So if the Mistwalkers decide that is the right place to return you be wary.

On a less serious note, I hope you have something really ******* strong to drink cuz last time I couldn't even find alcohol and that's complete ********.

I look forward to meeting you and buying your stock,

Aikitza of the Skyreavers
Charlais has some pretty intersting stuff if you want a drink. I have not had any of it, but my teammate Monty has sampled all of his wares and as far as I know, Monty enjoyed all of them.
Charlais, when you reach town come find me, I have some questions for you.