Olothen Update from July Market


Chicago Staff
As you all should know, I am a Lt in the Olothen Empire, now the 5th highest ranked member of the Empire. However, I have participated in many battles, but never yet given command of my own front like many LTs and Generals before me. I have been given information by Frederick and knowledge which may aid us:

- The Olothens need necromatic ore to empower a necromatic suit of armor for Frederick. The goal is get Adventurers to 1 of 2 locations to strike hard at them, while mining in the other without issue.
- Kaslo will be targeting manors of nobility as well as where adventurers sleep with highly effective explosive traps. Be on guard.
- Posters were instructed by Frederick to be placed by me about a high paying job to portal to a location which happens to be in the middle of the Olothen Empire, where they were be ambushed and killed. The client is Philip Mino a fake name, yet the actual name of an unrelated to the task brother of Frederick who lives in the Northlunds.
- The remaining 2 LTs: The lucky and nimble female Orge and the child Orc with flesh golem Ice sorcerers will make their moves next market.
- There is a big attack that I am not privy too next, but I will find out.
- I have participated in 3 battles, all loses. At some point I will be given true command and the crossroads will be set forth. If I lose, I would be no more use to the Olothens, should I succeed, perhaps my info will continue. I would prefer the later. Just know we as an adventuring community may need to take a loss, for a greater victory. It's something I will commune with Admiral Saban and King Grimlocke.