On the Events at Starfall Crater


I will preface this with the disclaimer that I do not understand the circumstances or the ramifications of our actions completely. No record of a situation is unbiased, and my own is no exception; I was, however, solely focused on Dominus Chronus and the unraveling of the situation from the time of his arrival until the time of the detonation, and I therefore feel as though my understanding may be at least somewhat superior to others'.

Yanko, the progenitor of necromancy in Andar, achieved the shard of the outsider in Starfall Crater and was attempting to subsume its power in order to return to Andar to be reunited with his family. We interrupted his ritual and his concentration, and there was a protracted battle with a large number of vampires.

When Dominus Chronus arrived on the field, we had been pushed some distance from the structure. He impelled us to return, as he required a closer look at the symbols on the pillars. It became clear that they were a map of the Concilium and the demiplanes at the intersections of the elemental planes. Each pillar bore the markings of one of the demiplanes, watched over by an Animus spirit. The structure was intended to serve as a venting mechanism for the energy released within by the shard, but Dominus Chronus described a hypothetical attempt to utilize it in this instance as "trying to put an ocean through a funnel." If there was a method of bolstering the mechanism, I do not know it, and it seemed too late for much experimentation.

Dominus Chronus theorized that releasing the energy into all the demiplanes would be deleterious to all the demiplanes in the extreme, but that channeling it through one pillar alone would likely save the rest. The force of the explosion, if unchecked, was estimated to be enough to flatten the mountain range containing the Starfall Crater, though not the Eyrie, Calliphestus or Fortannis.

When Yanko, beset upon by our forces and by the forces he was attempting to control, could no longer hold the shard, the energies of the outsider were channeled through the demiplane under the guardianship of Mysticus the Hydra, over the school of Evocation and the House of Fate and Futy (I do not have my notes, but I believe it is at the intersection of Flame, Life and Order). Sir Eli, Larix and Grimmloch, who had chosen that pillar, also suffered a great deal of damage, but no immediately evident lasting harm.

I would like an appropriate party to attempt a Contact Other Plane in order to gauge the status of that Animus, and perhaps attempt to ascertain the damages we have done to their demiplane, with the assistance of former Dominus Ignis Kidda.

If you have conflicting or additional information, I welcome the expansion of our collective knowledge. I was, as were we all, under a great deal of stress, and as a result I became somewhat terse and uncommunicative at the time.

Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth Psychopompos
Student Vellis,

What land was Mysticus' plane associated with?

Former Dominus of House Pain and Purity

I believe I heard Lord Polare mention that he had access to a Contact Other Plane ritual.
A null result is one of the least bad projected scenarios, therefore the use of the ritual would likely be a waste of resources and should be carefully considered. I am unaware of any other way of determining the Hydra's status, however. Asking Equilibrium may be beneficial.

A simple vision should give us a good idea of what happened. I've used a vision to check the whereabouts and status of an Animus before, then done a ConOthPla based on that visions result. Let's consult with Dominus Cronus and Equilibrium between gathers(Who will volunteer to do this?), and if that doesn't pan out, we can do this more formally.