Online Event Announcements!


Oregon Staff
Hello wonderful people!

We here on your Aer’Astrian plot team have been working hard to create an online event for you worthy of your time, and we think we’ve done it!

We’ve got a list of really fun mods for you, and your participation is welcome! That list of mods can be found here, with very brief, sometimes vague, descriptions of what will be happening on that mod (we don’t want to spoil any surprises):

Everyone is invited to attend the “Wylenzian Mixer” and “Peace Talks” mods. Other mods will have capped attendance based on a variety of different factors involved. If you see a mod or five that is striking your fancy, you can sign up for it here:

Sign-ups are NOT first come, first served, so feel free to take your time filling it out.

The sign-up sheet will be live and allow you to edit your responses until 11:59 on Tuesday August 4th, at which point it will close and responses will be recorded. Final event attendance will be sent out (probably by email) on Friday, August 7th.

But wait, there’s more!

Don’t see a specific thing on the schedule that you’d like to do? Or see a mod that looks repeatable, but not at a time you can manage? We introduce to you, “Bring Us a Group, We Bring You Plot!” Just like going to monster camp for a lair card, all you need to do is either DM Barbara (please only DM Barbara, not the other plot members for speed of responses and sanity), or send an email to with the following information, and we’ll schedule a time to run your thing:

Players: At least three, maximum may vary based on platform
Time: Find a time you can all play, as well as at least one backup time, in case we can not accommodate the preferred time.
Medium: Video, Discord (Text), Roll20, Minecraft, Other
Story Hook:
  • Incursion at the Portal (Roll20, Minecraft)
  • Investigate Valenzian Sabotage (Roll20, Discord)
  • Explore Lumos’ Lab (Roll20, Minecraft)
  • Conversation With NPC (Any)
  • Other (Any) - Availability may vary dramatically, so get these requests in SOON!

(Note: Several of our plot members are available during the day, not just in the evening. Hit us up if you want a midday adventure too!)

Adventures may be run by Guildies or Plot depending on availability, so be sure to include a comment if you’re wanting to do something that may need plot for it.

We’d like these requests at least 2 days before the earliest time you have listed, but more is better, so get talking and planning now!!!
As a note, we are permitting you to cast RPO rituals at this event. They will need to be on a video call, as a marshal will need to be watching them and you will actually need to cast them on screen.

Finally, this event is going to be a low-makeup event! If you are a makeup race, you only need to do a cursory attempt at your makeup in order to participate in video calls. We’d recommend spending no more than 10 minutes working on makeup.

And that’s it! Questions, comments and concerns can be directed at Barbara or Have a good day! :D



San Francisco Staff
Are there any mods that might be particularly appropriate for a traveler who isn’t exactly super informed about the intricacies of the ongoing plot?


Oregon Staff
@MondayMcGee : Totally! Any of the "Incursion at the Tear"s would be fun if you like combat, Tavern nights are great times to hang out and get to know people, "Orcs Everywhere", "Clean out Lumos' Lab", "Dryad Village Mod" could be fun, "Meeting of Minds" would tell you a lot about what's happening, and "Defend the Portal". We'll also be posting a "This Month in Aer'Astria" in our In Game space soon that details key elements of the plot so far this season, which will help orient travelers. :)


Oregon Staff
Bump with a reminder that your last day to sign up for mods is TOMORROW!!! :)