Online Event: Favourite Moments


Hey yall! What were your favourite moments from the online event? We as plot live for this, so please let us know!! Thanks!

Blue Moon

  • All the Minecraft mods
  • Just the amazing Rp
  • I made pirate friends
  • Got a puppy
  • Went to the tower with Bavaikas
  • Trying to settle things peacefully with people this week
  • Interrogating a tainted Sedovian guard
  • The awesomeness of the Lumos lab and all the puzzles
  • And sass golem, being him was the best
  • Watching all the couples was fun
  • Lael getting drunk was fun
  • Ryan & Jinnian. That damn Golem. "I programmed the golem to tell you that you aren't special."
  • Suspicious puppy time
  • Finnian goes for a snack. "Am I getting eaten by a shark?!"
  • EVERYTHING YOTE! I had so much fun reading and listening to his shennanigans on mods and in tavern night.
  • The front table is for couples holding hands ONLY!
  • Plot voice chat, figuring out how to respond to some of the things the PCs are doing. =D


There were a lot, this was definitely a wild ride!

  • Getting to try out the wildest makeup I could possibly find for the fishkyn (and then getting to be a diva all weekend).
  • Everyone getting tested for void taint. The drama! The suspicion!
  • Having pcs visit the dryad village for some therapy *cough cough* I mean tourism.
  • Making an irl flower crown and having all the dryads be secretly named after plants XD
  • All the out of staters visiting Oregon digitally. Loved it!
  • "I'm over a hundred years old and I'm not the most powerful." "That sounds like a personal problem." (Sorry VV!)

Ryan W

The things I missed most about not playing Luke were his commentary and dialogue. I got PLENTY of that during this last week, and although I wasn't sure how well it'd play out, I was pretty satisfied with how I brought Luke to life on the forums. BIG THANKS to plot peeps. So shout outs to...
-Amory paying Luke in Neapolitan ice cream and a puppy for doing rituals
Luke: "Did you bring my contraband?"
-Durnic going crazy and attacking people over being infatuated with Bork Muffin the puppy
"Luke covers the puppies eyes, "You're too young to see such violence."
Rick: Seriously all ya'll go back and reread that scene in the mornin'. Cause ya'll were some creepy puppy cultists."
Christine: "Creepy puppy cultists is the name of my new death metal band."
-Lael laughing herself to the ground seeing Luke riding into town on a cow
Lael: "You named, your cow, Cheeseburger."
Luke: "Considering its fate, it felt appropriate."
-Yote breaking down seeing a dead raccoon that Luke didn't HAVE to kill, but he did it out of spite because it's a raccoon.
-A GLORIOUS minecraft mod where ALL the dialogue was GOLDEN (I heart you folks so much)
-The Roll20 save aqua mod was great, especially the text.
"Goth makeup intensifies"
Ryan: "Crap, the void took all of Aquas pent up aggression she's had to repress since she met us and turned it into liquid murder, and it's boiling over from her face. I think she's frothing at the mouth now. I'm moving behind Durnic."
-Ulric about to Obliterate a super traitor: "Anyone who does not wish to witness an execution, please leave"
Glances uncertainly at super traitor and says softly "Not you."


  1. Rescue Aqua mod. That was so well put together and everyone that went on the mod was so into it. Emotionally hit Durnic like a truck, it was great. The ensuing conversations with others and the growth that Durnic has made just from that mod to the end of the event was substantial.
  2. All you crazy mind-controlled puppy cultists and the fall out from that.
  3. Stare-down with Albrecht in the tavern. Loved it.
  4. The NPC :eyes: emotes poppin' up on comments. Plot is everywhere.
  5. VV asking Aqua how old she was. You could see the immediate regret on his face but it was too late.
  6. The Insofu. Honestly if #1 had gone differently, meeting the Insofu might have as well. I figured we would see them this event, but I wasn't sure so I only had a basic plan on how Durnic was going to respond. Better this way, I am certain of it. Also, them prostetics were great!
  7. The Squiring of Killian!
  8. The Knighting of Bevin!
  9. Talks with Khyriel, Killian and Hivius.
  10. I really liked the outcome of the forum mod where plot asked us how successful we were. I thought that was a neat little touch and let us get super fancy with our descriptions.
  11. Casting a ritual at the very end of the event and then having to leave due to some cat and family drama, leaving poor Bennit stuck in my circle.
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Oh my gawwwwwd this whole thing was a TRIP and I love y'all.

- All our traveling PCs!! You guys jumped right into everything without hesitation, and it warmed my cold little plot heart.


- Witnessing the reactions to the (completely unnecessary) hard work we put in to the Minecraft mods!

- Speaking of Minecraft mods:
Shin: *starts breaking all the paintings off of the walls in Lumos' lab*
Me and Canada in the plot chat: *incoherent screaming*

- LARPtoks! We (as in 3/5 of plot) got a little bit TikTok obsessed in the weeks leading up to the event, and it was really fun to share our lil videos with y'all:D AND to see some of your videos, as well! You guys are equal parts fantastic and hilarious.

- Somehow, even with social distancing, Monster Camp was amazing. Our Tavern Night voice chats made me laugh harder than I've laughed in quite a while-- I love y'all<3

- The Insofu + Aqua conversation. If you missed it, feel free to scroll back in the TN channels and read that business. :eyes:

- The Dryad Village mod! It was so sweet and wholesome, and I love how it characterized some of our NPCs. (Also, trying to cry on camera is the most horribly awkward thing in the universe and I thank y'all for coming on this journey with me.)

- The night of the Puppy Incident, as a whole, was fantastic. For me, it started with Bavaikas roping Shin in on helping out in the kitchen, the kitchen becoming EXTREMELY FULL, the puppies Happening, Durnic Happening, and #drama for the rest of the night. Beautiful, perfect, peak LARP energy, 11/10.

- PluralKit went down for a few hours, but y'all were real sweet about it!

- Tiny Cat + Baby Dragon shenanigans will never not warm my heart. This event was absolutely full of them<3

- This wouldn't be a Certified Emma Favorite Moments Post (tm) without a HUGE THANK YOU FOR ALL OUR AMAZING NPCs!! Y'all knocked it OUT OF THE PARK-- special shoutout to Emily, our brand new NPC who, having never been to an Alliance game before, jumped into the deep end with us for this one and absolutely killed it!!

Okay, that's all, I'm gonna go hibernate. See you guys in a month!


This was epic.

I was a little sad that there were only a few events left for Aer'Astria, but this week bundled in so much character and relation development for me and Khyriel.

- Paranoia turning out to be justified. Two void-tainted adventurers for the price of one!
- The Aqua mod, and just getting to dial everything up to 11 in her mindscape. The NPC text commentary on the battlemap was hilarious and everything Yotie did in that mindscape was adorable. <3
- Malus's gift basket.
- For the all the chaos it gave rise to, Baqi's stunt on Sunday night was a great scene, and set the tone for a lot of subsequent interactions.
- "You let people in, even though that gives them the power to destroy you."
- Killian straight facedly buttering up Albrecht was hilarious: "I wanted to come over and let you know that I am a strong supporter of your stance and am looking forward to your time as Ambassador."
- Planting some flowers at the dryad memorial, and seeing Oriella's disgusted reaction to touching dirt. XD
- "Everyone deserves kindness, Khyriel." cue sobbing noises in and out game
- Telling Baqi no.
- Getting away with "weapon strike shatter support strut!" :cool:
- Shipping noises
- Final Defend the Void Portal minecraft mod: The collective intake of breath on the PC side when we realized one of the NPCs on the mod was putting down TNT blocks. :eek:
- Jinian/Sass Golem was definitely the MVP of the Saturday night minecraft Lumos mod. Also, everyone who didn't see the final rooms of that mod missed out. The work in those parts specifically, and so many others generally, by Emma, Canada, Re, and Kelsey was amazing.
- Helen noticing Khyriel's new tufts of tiny blue feathers.
- Luzula's whole arc this event was lovely and heartwarming to watch. I'm really glad I got to be a part of it. <3
- Bennit finally getting help, and then this gem happens when Durnic is about to cast a ritual for them:
Bennit: "Last time we spoke, you were asking for romantic advice. I couldn't give any of course, seeing as I was void tainted at the time."​
Durnic: "Ah, yes. I remember now. I am happy to report that the situation has resolve itself."​
Bennit: "Oh, well I'm so glad to hear that."​
- Conversations with Durnic, Tadeusz, and Gidjit at various points.
- All the shenanigans casually noticed in Tavern chat. Snooping on Tadeusz and Theah was heartwarming af.


- All the shenanigans casually noticed in Tavern chat. Snooping on Tadeusz and Theah was heartwarming af.
I gotta point this out, too. Every morning I would wake up, grab my phone and start reading everything that happened to everyone else the night before. It was awesome to, in a way, be at every single part of every single scene even if you didn't get to interact with it. I am also very happy to see that everyone did the proper amount of metagaming about that stuff, which appears to be none.

- The Insofu + Aqua conversation. If you missed it, feel free to scroll back in the TN channels and read that business. :eyes:
:eyes: indeed!


So many things about this event! I don't even know where to start!

Firstly, running for a whole week! Woah. Just... mind blown.
All the tavern Nights and the Role Play through the week was fantastic and wonderful! I loved all of it.

In no particular Ord
- The Roll20 Mods were fantastic! I loved getting to jump into the Table top side of it. PCs scrambling to remember what V / | / O and. <> were. Oops...

- All of the Bavaikas Shennagins! It is always so great to get to have Bavaikas Time!

- The Power of Puppies! So much fun just losing our minds over Amory's cuteness

- "Soon." Just, such a crazy scene that went down weird but ended up ending really well.

- Reading Ulric's. 'Not you' and just losing my **** for a solid 5 minutes

- Planting flowers in the Dryad Village and helping with some PTSD. And... maybe hooking some people up? I ship it!

- Nearly screaming when Plue ate a Shatter Spirit, Timely Spell Parry by Khyriel. Ho Damn

- Pushing back the Void Tenatcles! So much fun!

- The Roleplay with Alluvio and Bavaikas was always a blast.

- Alluvio helping Shin with his Paw-problem was just this overwhelming and perfect. Where to go now!

- The. Mine. Craft. Mods. Holy Moly I can't even describe the amazingness that is the Minecraft Realm! I just want to play there 24/7! So much detail and beauty! It blew my mind!

- The Void Tear defense mod in Minecraft was epic. Running after Emma while trying to DFM the Celestial Circle in town. Then Blowing UP the entire fortress!? Oh. And the freaking Void. Dragon. Thing. What in the .... That was INTENSE

- Getting into Lumos' Lab and Breaking EVERYTHING. Shin Unleashed was just so much fun. And just goofing around.

- Sass Golem and getting roasted Simultaneously on the Discord Channel.

- Bavaikas, cutting onions: "Something is attacking my eyes," And I just lost it. So cute. So sad. Best Baby Dragon <3

- Alluvio freaking out at the Puppy and then throwing some Dragon magic to show that they meant business

- "- Speaking of Minecraft mods:
Shin: *starts breaking all the paintings off of the walls in Lumos' lab*
Me and Canada in the plot chat: *incoherent screaming* "

I am here to help :3

- Though the Mine craft levels were TRULY epic. And kept GOING. I was like, cool, boom done. NOPE! More to go! =Mind-Blown=

-Killian getting Squired, sad I missed it

-Bevin getting knighted! I missed it again!

-"I programmed the golem to tell you that you aren't special." So brutal. XD

So many things, so much awesome. It was a blast.

Thank you thank you Plot, Cast and Crew. And everyone who put SO much into this!
  • Myklos Mod’s Pt’s I & II: Being on the first PC mod in the Roll20 environment using the Fate rules. It was really fun plotting, using tactics in a way I hadn’t in Alliance before, and everything that came from that mod. It was a lot of fun!
  • Casting my first ritual, granted not a difficult one, mechanically, but a huge one in game. Doing so virtually, over Discord Video was interesting. (Curse you, Push-To-Talk!)
  • Theah. (Y’all knew that was coming.)
  • Saving Aqua, and the funkiness of things happening there.
  • How do I end up in the combat mod with the Silver Blades? Oh, yeah, I volunteered!
  • Bevin getting Knighted, and Killian getting Squired.
  • Dicing with Death in one of Disease’s Tower. Gotta know when you can be a good distraction!
Okay... This got long... Can I just say "All Of It?" o_O

* Getting the chance to finally resolve Ian's lost ship, while simultaneously running my very first ever TTRPG. (Love you guys, thank you for your patience, lol.)

* Video Mods where I Actually got to see people's faces that I haven't seen in 6 months!!!

* Aqua Mind mod ftw! Getting to play Flouri and spy on the wacky ways you guys resolved stuff was awesome fun. (And Durnic's move at the very end.)

* The last talk I ever got to have with my Armsman, before he became the same rank as me. ^_^

* All the interpersonal connections Squire Theah is beginning to make, as she becomes more of a whole person ... Luv all you guys, and all the conversations she had with each of you. ^_^

* A Spirit Farewell that was both heart-rending and beautiful.

* Big Sis Aqua taking Theah under her wing, and saving her from doing something really stupid that would have hurt a lot.

* All the poking and prodding of poor shy Theah, when it comes to a certain Selunari winemaker. ;)

* The amount of shipping and coupling happening in this game... zomg, lol. (*Looks anywhere but at herself ... Whistles innocently*)

* Dryad Village visit and the people willing to help Ambassador Luzula heal. (Shin didn't even burn anything down!)

* Illahee and Gidjit having it out and ... (I think) ... Gidjit getting a response she wasn't expecting.

* Void Portal shenanigans with two Dragons, a Spirit, and a whole bunch of brave PCs.

* "Tavern Night has been delayed due to too many people spying on the Lumos Lab Minecraft Mod!"

* The turn out for the initial Event sign up, and how many more people showed up as the event progressed. All the out of towners were awesome for jumping right in to our wacky plots! And everybody who made an effort to come by the end of the event, even if they hadn't shown at the beginning. That meant more to us than you'll ever know.

* Every. Single. Tavern Night. Loved them ALL.

* All the NPCs that helped out on mods and showed up to Tavern Nights! Couldn't have done it without you!!!
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I didn't get to be on much, but it was nice to get into a character's headspace for a few hours. I am really looking forward to bringing this character to game for the next campaign.

-Rescue of Aqua. This was very well put together and our GM was terrific to allow us to go full Inception during the 'in Aqua's mind'.

-Tavern Night RP. I had fun introducing my new PC to several people (PC & NPC). Introducing Tadeusz to Ghost pepper wine. And random roguing things.


Being part of so many parties down for taking prisoners instead of killing people. Jason's reaction, "You want to take them alive? You do know you are adventurers, right?"

Khyriel and Lael looking after Gorphy on my first ever game of Minecraft: Khyriel, "Did Gorphy fall in another pit?" Lael, "Gorphy! I'm coming to get you out!" Gorphy, " I will be out in a moment. There is a tree in my way."

Playing Gorphy the spell-sword as a spell-shield against archer-pirates. All-out Attack: shield, shield, weapon shield! Web, web!

Gorphy getting checked for void taint and leaving the Celestial circle for bed just before the End of the World Vision and the Puppy Incident.

Talking two wolfkyn into supporting peace talks as the preferred method of replacing the Insofu.

The Peace Talks and discussing core goals of different factions.

Not sure if Gorphy was the first person to suggest the Insofu be replace by more than one person; seeing a Ruling Council become the preferred form of government warmed my heart.

Purifying a cauldron of void stuff.

Riding the escalator to Riddles in the Tower.