Online Events in Apr


We are running chatroom events set in Solus! Goblin Stamps and Items worth Goblin Stamps are available for those who participate*. A hearty thank you to Liz, Paul, Dane, and Parker for their creative efforts!

Saturday, April 4th at 4 PM Mountain Daylight Time, will be Alt Plot's first Discord Downtime Module.

Lasting 2 to 3 hours; enjoy your characters in an environment with a Plot Runner, NPCs, and a story to interactively unfold. We have plans for three more at different times.

Also, there is an ongoing Minigame for which PC actions are due in 4/2 (see rules in post below). What is achieved in the Minigame affects ongoings of the Discord module and what happens on the mod in turn will set conditions of Minigame's next phase.

Finally ALU's Discord is going 24/7 with OOG community (we study and work out and video game and meme together) and IG roleplay in two parts our the Aethera shard.

We want to help folks new to Discord to get comfy with software and will be scheduling tutorials and pre-planned hangouts soon. Meanwhile pop in and anyone will be happy to give you a hand:
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* Attending the 4/7 Discord module: Cassiopeia's Arcane has a reward of 10 Goblin Points.

*Submitting a Minigame email to by 4/2 has a 5 Goblin Point reward.

*If you do BOTH you may also pick one Item available worth up to 250 Goblin Points from: