((OOG Guidelines for IG posting!))


New Hampshire Staff
Welcome to the IN GAME section of the forums for The Isle of Khar-Durai!

Posts here will be "in character" (or "in-world," with unique descriptions written by Plot Staff) and can be done in one of two ways:

1. A physical message posted on a bulletin board in Bennington’s Tavern on the Isle of Khar-Durai
- Your character needs to be physically present to post it
- Your character is able to reply to anything by tacking their own note up as well! (Envision your immersive situation and engage accordingly)

2. A dream message in the “Dream Realm,” a universal mechanic in Alliance lore.

- While sleeping, any character may hear or send a message out into the realm of dreams for anyone to hear
- Conversations can extend back-and-forth over one night or multiple. Time passes strangely in the Dream Realm
- But best to be careful… it’s hard to know exactly who is listening


- ((Writing OOG narrations or clarification is normally done in double parenthesis like this))

- All content posted here is canon. There may be on-stage consequences for things done here.

- Any pivotal plot information written here by Plot Staff will be reiterated at Opening Ceremonies before the event, or as necessary. This forum will never be the only means by which IG information is delivered from staff.

- You, the player, may make a choice as to what your character hears/remembers in the Dream Realm. You are not obligated to roleplay with perfect knowledge of everything posted here.

Happy Writing!
--- The Isle Plot Team
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