OOG Merchant at the National event in September!

Heya all!

Just to let folks know- our shop, The Dragon's Hoard, WILL be at the event in September for your shopping pleasures! Those of you who've played the Ohio chapter over the last few years have probably seen some of our goods, and the upcoming event will see our largest setup ever at Alliance! For those not familiar, we are primarily a renaissance/fantasy business that's a "one stop renfair goods shop"- like the online site "Medieval Collectibles", only you get to actually touch and feel our wares before you buy- AND we come to you! ;)

Thought I'd put a post out to those interested and see if there were any specific items desired to be seen at the event. A brief listing of some of our wares ( that we'll be bringing) will include:

-latex weaponry and shields, as well as leather goods for carrying them (frogs, baldrics, etc). ALL latex weapons we carry have police kevlar and stress fiberglass cores for maximum durability, or I won't have them.
-Costuming of all kinds, from the simple to the Truly Noble
-Plastic and REAL armor phys-reps, for those demanding the best in durability. We'll have everything from leather and chainmail to steel plate
-Helmets of varying types, both historical and fantasy (plastic, leather, chainmail, steel and combinations thereof)
-LARP style accessories, ranging from potion pouches and necessity bags to astrolabe sextants and spyglasses
-ACTUAL lockpicks for rogue tools! Ohio law allows the sale and possession of such, so long as you do nothing "bad" with them (in which case, I'm not liable for your stupidity) :lol:
-Jewelry and jingly things for all your favorite gypsies
-Statuary and home-decor items, to make your cabin the coolest around (maybe we should hold a decorating contest? hmmm)
-All your basic "larp/renfair" goods, like pouches, belts, skirt hikes, mug straps, etc....
-Feastgear items, from utensils to tankards
-and more things that I can't think of right now! :p

As for myself, I was a theatre tech major in college. I've been working Renfairs and playing LARPs for nearly 20 years now. After several years and attempts to get my employers to carry more "larp friendly" gear (and being generally frustrated with the attitude "it's good enough for rennies- they'll just have to deal"), I finally found some folks that'll actually carry stuff catered to larpers, for larpers, and (sometimes) by larpers! We have a full-time store in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area in a Mall that sees over 4 million people annually(not including winter holiday crowds), so we carry things for folks of all genres (renfair, larp & sports re-enactment, fantasy, anime, steampunk, theatre, etc). As a crafter of between 15-25+ years of experience (depending on the craft), I've a special eye towards the durability of all our goods (if it falls apart after the first time, it's nothing more than a glorified halloween store thing!). My years of experience in the renfair/ theatrical communities have given me an outstanding number of contacts and connections that I'm using to get the best things I can to offer to you at the best rates I can - without any ridiculous "Extra shipping" or other add-on costs! You pay for quality- not for some schmuck to add $25.00 for themselves as a "handling fee" to take your order down to a shipping center!! If the shipping amount you're paying doesn't match the copy of the shipping center invoice they should include with your order, then you're paying too much for shipping!! :x

Feel free to contact me or post here with questions/requests, and I'll do my best to respond in a timely fashion. Please keep in mind that I run this store full time in a Mall, and therefore won't be able to respond as quickly as you might like- but I will respond as quickly as I can (patience IS appreciated)! :roll:

Thanks for reading this, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!


James Moore- Managing Partner
The Dragon's Hoard